Goddess Lakshmi Resemblance | Symbolism of Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi Resemblance | Symbolism-of-Goddess-Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi Resemblance | Symbol of Goddess Lakshmi Devi Goddess Lakshmi Devi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and good well-being health. In Hinduism, symbols, worldly objects, flowers, trees, leaves, eatables, birds, and animals are assigned to every deity. This affiliation of worldly objects to deities is taken into account as very important. The earthly … Read more

Sri Suktam – Mahalakshmi Stotram – Sanskrit Lyrics

Sri Suktam – Mahalakshmi Stotram – Sanskrit Lyrics This stotram is very powerful mantra if you  tell this mantra daily you can see difference in life job and business. Harih Om Hirannya-VarnnaamHarinniim Suvarnna-Rajata-Srajaam। Candraam Hirannmayiim LakssmiimJatavedo Ma Aavaha Taam Ma Aavaha JatavedoLakssmiim-Anapagaaminiim। Yasyaam Hirannyam VindeyamGaam-Ashvam Purussaan-Aham Ashva-Puurvaam Ratha-MadhyaamHastinaada-Prabodhiniim। Shriyam Deviim-UpahvayeShriirmaa Devii Jussataam Kaam So-Smitaam Hirannya-Praakaaraam-AardraamJvalantiim … Read more

kanthimathi nellaiappar temple tirunelveli

kanthimathi nellaiappar temple tirunelveli

kanthimathi nellaiappar temple tirunelveli This sivasthalam is likely one of the Pancha Sabha Temples (Copper) of Lord Shiva. This is likely one of the massive temples in Pandiya Naadu, measuring 756 in size and 378 toes in breadth. There are 2 temples at Tirunelveli, one for Lord Shiva, who is named Nellaiappar, and the opposite one for … Read more

Lakshmi Mantra

10 Most Divineful Lakshmi Mantras For a eternal blissful life   Lakshmi Beeja Mantra 1 || Shreem ||   Shreem is the basis mantra used to please Goddess Lakshmi. It’s also used as a swap phrase. Swap phrase is a phrase that may shift vitality from one dimension to a different. Kleem, Hreem and Kreem … Read more

MIRACLES OF CHANTING vishnusahasranamastotram


MIRACLES OF CHANTING vishnusahasranamastotram MIRACLES OF CHANTING vishnusahasranamastotram.If one turns into desirous of incomes the benefit of righteousness, one succeeds in incomes it (by listening to or reciting these names).That man who hears the names day-after-day or who recites them day-after-day, by no means meets with any evil both right here or hereafter. Whether it is wealth that one needs, one succeeds in incomes wealth (by appearing on this approach). So additionally the person who needs for enjoyments of the senses succeeds in having fun … Read more

srivanchiyam temple timings| direction

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srivanchiyam temple timings | direction Srivanchiyam temple timings| direction.  Shiva temple on the banks of river Cauvery are mentioned to be probably the most sacred and on par with Varanasi (Benares). They’re Tiruvenkaadu, Tiruvaiyaru, Chaayaavanam, Mayiladuthurai, Tiruvidaimarudur and Tiruvanchiam. Out of those, Tiruvanchiam is “one-sixteenth” extra sacred than Varanasi. Lord Shiva is claimed to have informed … Read more

kuber mantra in english | kuber dev mantra

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kuber mantra in english The Lord Kuber is the ‘treasurer of the Gods’ and ‘king of Yaksha.’ He’s an accurate illustration of wealth, prosperity, and glory. Lord Kuber not solely distributes but additionally maintains and guards all of the treasures of this universe. Therefore, Lord Kuber is often known as the guardian of wealth. Kuber … Read more

panayapuram temple Shakthi Ambigai Sametha Panangattiswarar

panayapuram temple Shakthi Ambigai Sametha Panangattiswarar,villupuram temple list,sivan temple villupuram tamil nadu,

panayapuram temple Shakthi Ambigai Sametha Panangattiswarar We are going to look at the middle Shiva shrine where Thevara song was sung by the most powerful Thirugnanasambandar which is more than 1300 years old. First let’s take a look at what makes this powerful temple special. The site of the first special for eye sight disorder. … Read more

panjamuga anjaneyar temple significance

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panjamuga anjaneyar temple significance Panjamuga anjaneyar temple significance. The Face of Sri Panchamukha Hanuman, Every Face of Sri Panchamukha Hanuman has significance : Sri Hanuman faces east. He grants purity of thoughts and success. The Narasimha faces south. He grants victory and fearlessness. The west going through Garuda removes black magic and poisons. The north … Read more