No other bird has such a beautiful tail as the peacock. Unlike elephant tusks, no other animal has beautiful tusks. Is horsepower equivalent to horsepower? Still, they are not all arrogant. But arrogance blinds the man who uses them all for his own needs. We would have seen in the picture that there are four dogs around the pyre. Sir of Byrne, with a rare structure. From his Thiruvadi to the waist, the form of Brahma; From the waist to the neck, the form of Mahavishnu; From neck to thirumudi, rudra shape. Thus, the embodiment of the form of the trinity, the pyre. One day, Bhairav ​​came to Kailayam to visit Lord Shiva. Outside, he parked his vehicle Suvana (dog), entered the temple and returned to visit Lord Shiva, but Suvana was not found. Searching for many places not found.

Sadly, I visited Kailayanathara again and came around the world as per their order. I punished the wicked. Today, when they returned to visit themselves, Adien’s vehicle was missing; There is no point in looking anywhere. I do not understand why this is so. Bhairava… Your vehicle is a paradise, not an ordinary paradise; The scripture is the vehicle for you in that form. Even though you know this, in arrogance, you think of it as a normal paradise. The arrogant do not understand the meaning of the scriptures. Because of that, your vehicle disappeared. Upon hearing this, Byrne trembled and said that he had received the proper punishment for the arrogance of Param Porule டிய Adien; He begged for forgiveness and mercy. Go to Vadavur, northwest of Bhairava… Madurai. Lord Shiva said, “Your sorrow will end there.” Byrne set out for Thiruvathavur, also known as Vadavur. The place is also known as Vedapuri. Here, he made a pool in his name, bathed, wore a shower, wore a Rudratsa garland, entered the temple and worshiped Lord Shiva.

Great Evil arrogance, the suffering I have suffered is enough. Resolve the grief of the servant who lost his Vedic vehicle. Then, Lord Shiva, who appeared with four ascetics from the original lingam, received the four ascetics of Bhairava Veda; These give all kinds of benefits. Those who bathe in the Bhairava Theertham created by you will attain all bliss That grace, disappeared. The arrogance was removed and Bhairav ​​departed from there with the four savanas bestowed by Lord Shiva. Man, as he progresses every step of the way, without knowing him, arrogance will intervene. Even a little betrayal is enough. Do not forget that the reasons for our progress will disappear from us!

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