Boologanathar lord shiva temple history

Boologanathar lord shiva history

Boologanathar lord shiva temple history you can see from this post  Do you know From birth to death the unknown secrets of three lord Shiva temple on the earth.

Lord Shiva known as head of all the God in the universe. Keeping whole nature as a part of his body lord Shiva known as the ruling mighty of the  universe.

Each and every action which done on the earth is by his command only. With out knowing to him we can’t move even inch on this earth.

He is the one who guide our body organs from birth to death in our life. Still we don’t know what are all the mysteries performed by him.

In India lot of Sivan temples are built with interconnected to control the entire planet. Like that the lord Shiva temple which is located in the Tamil Nadu. Which is the mysterious temple that covers the entire history of the human.

Lord Shiva Temple

The shiva temple which is located in the nellikuppam area next to panruti tamil nadu in the name of poologanathar.

This temple was built about thousand years ago by Rajendra chola very near to gangaikonda cholapuram temple.

The amazing thing about this temple is the Shiva temple which is located a few kilometres away from this temple is interconnected to each other.

Boologanatha Temple

On the way to  nellikuppam temple was situated poologanathar.  Near to that village name called vellapakkam.

Another shiva temple is situated in the name of sivaloganathar with goddess sivagami sundari.

If you go third right to this temple.You can able to find the third lord shiva temple in the name of kailasanathar with the goddess akilandeswari.

These temples you can not find any were on the earth. If you have any problems with land negotiations or with your home you can visit this temple what ever problems related to the earth.

It is having lots of speciality with this temples they were situated in the triangle. Direction near to this temple you can see lord Vishnu temple which very much special. You can able to see both lord Shiva and lord Vishnu on this place this very special about this temple.

And moreover goddess bhuvanambika in this temple will clear all the barriers in the marriage for women and bless them sumangali.

To get puniya first go to poologanathar temple which is reflection of birth. Then next lord sivaloganathar which is for life.

And last you can visit kailasanathar temple by visiting these temples you can get mokcha in your life.

Boologanathar lord shiva history temple in tamil nadu

To go to this temple you need to travel to south india state tamilnadu from the capital city Chennai. You can find Bus or by car you can reach these temples easily.

This temple was nearly two hundred fifty kilometres from the capital city Chennai.

The temple timings will be morning six to afternoon tewel and in evening four to night eight.  For more information please contact us with any clarification. We will give you the answer.

Thanks for reading this article there some other post where you can find the good information about the temples please find that too.




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