palani malai murugan balasubramanian

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palani malai murugan balasubramanian Palani Malai Murugan balasubramanian.No matter how many ways to show devotion, there is no such thing as Palaniampathi. Nowhere else can you feel the power of alone with a human face and a charming look on his face as he gazes deep into the emperor. This is the reason why Lord … Read more

Thiruchendur Arulmigu Subramaniya swamy temple

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Thiruchendur Arulmigu Subramaniya Swamy Temple Thiruchendur arulmigu subramaniya swamy temple. Thiruchendur is the site where Lord Murugan sits as a nanaguru, The place of worship of Mahamuni Agathiyar and Adi Shankara.¬† Thiruchendur Pillaithamil Kumarakurubarar’s Gander Kalivenpa is a special place where many works have been received. Thiruchendur is also known as Kapadapuram in the Valmiki … Read more

kanda shasti kavasam benefits | explanation

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kanda shasti kavasam benefits mantra A word separated by a specific pronunciation or word. A few of these have been identified as spells or a few sounds that can act as keys. They are a key to unlocking different dimensions of life if we use them in a certain way. Although there are many books … Read more

palani murugan temple history

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palani murugan temple history   palani murugan temple history. Palani lord Murugan Temple is the 3rd holy shrine in the six holy shrines of Lord Murugan . The Palaniandavar ( lord Murugan) idol in the Moolasthan was built by Bogar Siddhar, it is a navapashanam idol . People eat the Prasad which is done abhishekam … Read more

Thiruparankundram murugan temple

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thiruparankundram murugan temple Hhiruparankundram murugan temple¬† histrory we can see from this post.Devthas prayed to lord Shiva to protect them from Surapadman evil king. Lord Shiva made six traps out of his third eye in forehead. From that Lord Murugan appeared with six faces. Lord Murugan was born to kill evil king Surapadman and fought … Read more

lord murugan mantras get out of bad thoughts

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lord murugan mantras get out of bad thoughts lord murugan mantras get out of bad thoughts. There is no person in this world is good or bad. Everyone has good qualities and also bad things. The human mind has good and bad thoughts it varying by the situation and person position. Even everything in this … Read more