chanting om meditation benefits

Chanting om meditation benefits

chanting om meditation benefits . This two letters Mantra will change your Karman health issues. There is different power for every mantra you chant. When you chant these mantras at proper meditation you will feel the real power of that mantra. You can see lot of difference between chanting ordinary mantra and mantra in god’s name. When you chant lord Vishnu mantra ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’ or lord shiva pranava mantra Om namashivaya. You can get some power in you with out knowing yourself. If chant these mantras at meditation regularly you can feel the benefits.

If you chant these two letters Om mantra you can feel the power. This the pranava mantra in the world every god or goddess name Starts with this mantra.


Recently scientists had found sound waves coming from sun OM. This mantra has infinite power if you chant this mantra correctly in a proper way. You can come out of all of our bad karma which you have. Every human who born in this earth has karma which we can not clear by ourselves or by others. But you can clear all your bad karma by chanting this mantra properly with correct pronunciation.

If you pronounce ‘Om’, you can feel its vibrations coming throughout the body. We should start with ‘O’ and should not end with M, we should pronuce till it end. You can do this meditation in temple or which place you are comfortable to do. While you meditate you should sit in padmasana position it will give you very effective power.

Padmasana position

Padmasana position is sitting up straight with out spinal cord bend and keeping right foot on your left thigh and left foot on your right thigh. And hand’s should keep in the meditation position. Then chant OM mantra for ten minutes by chanting this mantra regularly you can keep away all your unwanted from your mind. Chant this Om mantra as long you can meditate this will increase your positive energy in you.

Chanting OM regularly will relief you body stress and keeps your mind free from tension and make your self different. This is the mantra which connects the human with nature and with entire universe. As per Hinduism OM is the first sound in this entire universe.  Chanting OM you can clear your health issues first it gives you the positive energy to the body. Next it increases your immune power and gives you the self healing power to the body.

By meditating OM mantra your getting stress free. Because of that you can bring down the blood pressure in your body to  normal and reduce the risks of heart problems.

It is also good to heal the thyroid glands and stomach problems it has more beneficial in human body. Who chant this OM mantra regularly so please follow this article and do atleast ten minutes of meditation daily. And get benefit for your mind and to your body


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