Devipattinam temple Navapasanam Navagraha

Devipattinam temple

Devipattinam temple Navapasanam Navagraha. Today we are going to see an interesting thing. Can you believe that the  navagraha in the sea. But such a place is in our Tamil Nadu, where it is, you can see this post. The children are said to be beautiful with a family, This is the legacy of each generation to continue. Everyone should be grateful for all of their late parents and ancestors. Pitru curses and faults do not come to us because Darbhanam did not do this in due time to our late ancestors.

Did we see a place where Pitru Tosha could go? is Devipattanam it is home to the Arulmigu Navapashana Navagraha Temple. The Navagraha temple that may have been here is said to have been in this ocean for over 2000 years. Devotees who have been coming here for so many years. Our dhosa will be cleared when we come here and worship navagraha. Devipuram is said to known this town in ancient times.

The temple is one of the main deities of the Navagraha founded (pratishta) by Lord Sri Ramachandra Murthy. The holy water in this temple is sea water. According to the mythology, Mahisasuran  such a demon came and persecuted the devtas very much. When the Devtas told Parasakti about these atrocities. Parasakthi who fought with Mahishasura to protect all the worlds of the gods came here.

Mahishasuran hide in the ocean chakra theertham that is here. The parashakti  had brought out  mahisasuran who hide in the chakra theertham with her knife. And killed the demon then gave him the absolution of the curse. After this devtas  all shower the amrtha and then Devipuram was said to be such a Devipattanam.

Sri Ramachandra Murthy Navagrahas Pradista in Devipattanam Temple

In the sea that may be here may have come the Navagrahas consecrated by Sri Ramachandra Murthy with his golden hands. It is said to be Navapashana is said to be Navagraha in the temple Removed Sani Dosham for Rama here. Mythology says that Sri Rama won the battle with Ravana with his blessings in the scenes of Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Even though it’s been thousands of years, these Navagraha are still in good condition. In the midst of the tumultuous sea, the Navapasanam will be blessed by the Navagrahas. This Navapasanam Navagraha place is also known as the Theertham, the main shrine of temple.

This site is said to be a special place where Sri Rama dedicated nine handfuls of sand to the Navagrahas. All the Navagrahas who can be here as well as to anoint the anointing with their hands by devotees. This is the place where Sanieeswaran cured dosha to Sri Rama.

Parvathi Parameswaran gives blessings to Sri Ramaphran and wakes up on this site as the sowndara nayagi Sametara. If we see the darshan, all sins will be removed and bliss will occur. The 9 navagrahas that have been in the middle of the sea since time immemorial are awe-inspiring.

The another special about this site. We can only see the all navagrahas same time that may be here if we come early morning to this place. Other time we can only see five planets soorya chandra bhuda sukra We can not see these four planets planets chevaai guru rahu ketu sani Lord see these 5 planets.

Festivel Days

Let us see the Navagrahas and get rid of our patriarchal faults. This is the best place to remove the effects of Pitru dosha. Tai amavacai aadi amavacai makalaya amavaca days cirattam tarppaṇam  giving on these days gives us a lot of beneficial benefits that this holy shrine gives.

Millions of devotees comes to this temple on the day of the new moon (aadi amavacai) alone to pay their dues. This temple has such a name as the Navapasanam temple. The Navagrahas who may be here can be worshiped with the nine types of grains.

Have you ever seen the location of this temple which is so proud of? Arulmigu Navapashana Navagraha Temple. which is located in the ramanathapuram district. Buses from Ramanathapuram to this temple are quite available.

Navagraha Nayaks can be worshiped here by bathing in the sea from morning four ‘o’ clock to evening six o’clock on all week days and week end. If you or your Pitru Tosha, remove this Pitru Tosha from this auspicious Navapashana Navagraha Temple.



Devipattinam is a seaside village and a small village is located on the shores of this temple. It is located on the way to Rameswaram, an important site of navagraha seen from the east. Half an hour distance from Ramanathapuram bus stand from rameshwaram temple it was 65km distace. These places are very well protected by the Hindu Temple Department

For what purpose were these Navagrahas placed by Sri Rama. The history of Rama was very hard on Ramavatar by kidnapping Goddess Sita as you know it in ramayan. It is in that situation that he has to go from here to Sri Lanka to free sita from ravan king.

Rama Need Navagraha Help

For that he need the Navagrahas help The Navagrahas were all in control with Ravana. They can do nothing to help when that ravana is in control. That is why Sri Rama made in his hands with his own he created in the sea and the power created by him is very, very high this he made thenavagraha with navapasanam.

The another story said by the locals

There was another story that we should not see the Navagrahas directly not only the sani dev but rahu ketu.  Navagraha will be in the shape of a pillar to make you realize what you have seen With its full cover under the sea. In the middle of the sea you will be amazed since it can be in shape without showing its full idols.

The second thing is we do not worship  not only the sun lord. But also the Ramanathapuram Muthalamman who can be worshiped in Rameswaram which can be offered by Ramanathaswamy Rama. In that Navagraha everything is a superior attribute What brother I should not only give you sins You have come with me Worship the share god in the sea.

Because these new planets are worshiped together, then our own bond goes home. How can he come and go in time like this because there are flaws that can be caused by God’s new planets?. How can you go like this and reduce your 75% intensity of the zodiac.

Ignorant Facts if you are worship along with me but the miracle that can tell you I stand by your grievances. so if you go to rameshwaram dont miss to visit this holy navagraha theertha temple in devipattinam. Devipattinam temple Navapasanam Navagraha.



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