garbarakshambigai temple address and contact number

Garbarakshambigai temple address

garbarakshambigai temple address and contact number. Thirukarukavur Garbarakshambigai Temple goddess is called in the name Garbarakshambigai. This is the only temple in tamilnadu which we pray for Pregnancy and to clear problems related to pregnancy.

This temple build about 2 thousand years old. Here this temple is also called as Pavaroga Nivaranan stalam. As it cures diseases caused by our purava janma paap Lord shiva is called as Mullaivana Nathar.

This place is, popularly known as Tirukarukavur, it is also called in the of Madhavi Vanam, Mullaivanam, Thirukarukavur and Karpapuri. Madhavi Vanam (Mullai Vanam) got its name because of the mullai flower is the temples flag.

Here the god is worshiped in the Kruta yuga, the rishi in the Treta yuga, and the sun, moon, stars, and devtas in the Dvaparayuga. Thirukarukavur is a place now worship by rishi and humans in Kali Yuga.

Garbarakshambigai Temple Special

It is one of the five temples on the south of the Cauvery river.

This temple is in a chariot-shaped Sabamandapam (discussion hall) and there was shiva lingam which is worshipped by rishi nituva.
temple is very special place of worship, in which the murti (linham,goddess parvathi), thalam (place) and theertham (temple pond) are the three most special to worship.

Lord Shiva Lingam (Suyambu Murthy) Upper surface of the lingam is pritvi. The lingam was coverd by Swami umbilical cord (mullai vanam). since this place was once the umbilical cord(mullai forest forest).

The nandi is called ullipadatha vedanga moortham .

Goddess parvathi has been blessing the devotees as Veera Sakthiyamman foremost first among the 64 Shakti Peethas.
There was a inscriptions of cholas won madurai in t Kopparakesarivarman period.

The place is marked in the inscription of the first king raja raja chola as “Nittavinota Valanadu Aurk Kurrattuthirukkarukavur”.

This place is also known as Madhavi Vanam (madhavi forest) as it has the site of Mullaikkodi. That is why the Lord shiva is called Mullaivannathar and goddess parvathi is called as Madhavivaneswarar.

This temple was in the Thevaram in the 18th red spot on the south of the Cauvery river.

The moon, was in the troube because of the king daksha curse (saab), came to this place on the full moon day in the month of Panguni and performed puja.

Garbarakshambigai Temple Ghee in Tamil

There is a believe in the people that if the goddess parvathi ( Ambal) is lit a lamp with pure ghee, . And the abishek with pure ghee to goddess and they eat that ghee daily child will born.
It is believed that the Lord shiva gave food and water to the hungry rishi Sundara .

There is a History that Brahman, Gautama, King Kusathuvasan, rishi Sangukarnan and others lived in this place and worshiped lord Shiva during this period. Here the rishi Gnanasambandar sang that this place give mukthi to all who worship.

Lord Brahma creative work was halted due to Brahman ‘s arrogance in the creative work. After that lord brahma came to this place and created the holy pond and he take bath in that pond. That is why this pond is called as brahma thertha. Rishi Karkiya take bath in the Brahma Tirtha on the auspicious day of Thiruvathira.

This temple was in papanasam town from there 6km and from kumbakonam 25 km from tanjavur 25km.

Temple timing morning 05.30am to 12.oopm evening to 08.00pm.

garbarakshambigai temple address and contact number:

The Executive officer,
Sri Mullaivananatharswamy and Garbarakshambigai Amman temple,
Papanasam Taluk,
Thanjavur District.
Pin code: 614 302.

garbarakshambigai temple in kumbakonam


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