garuda purana punishment

garuda purana punishment

 We are going to see about the punishment which is given in the narg after the death of human. According to their paap and punya karma there was 28 types of punishment in the narg according to garuda puranam. Garuda puranam was one of the 18 hindu samya puranam this a vaninava puranam. In this puranam lord vishnu and garuda have conversations this tells about the human life after his death and his next avatar in this earth in its second part. In this puranam it explain univers medical civil art there was 19000 thousand lessons in the garuda purana. 


This purana tells their was 4 lakh narg in that 28 narg was very important. To follow the darm marg in human god have created paap and punya according to their karma. We have seen a lot of stories about swarg and narg in this garuda puran it was clearly mention. About who do punya will get swarg and doing paap will get narg. And the punishment is according to their karma they sent to the 28 different narg for punishment. Now we are going to see the 28 types of punishment given in narg which is said in garuda puranam. 


  1. Tamisram, those who want to loot other property or money is paap same wasi who wants to take others wife is also a big paap. Like that kidnaping other child was also paap for this mistake they will get punishment in narg Abducting another’s child is a great sin.’sis a hell of aThis is a hell of a


  1. Cheating and abducting another object lot of people.lot. That is the kind of hell inthe greatest sinful deeds and have to languish in the darkness of hell without being able to see


  1. which such people commit. The third hell is the destruction of another ‘s family, that is, the destruction of the living family, the destruction of their belongings. It will be a possibleone whofor the 


  1. The fourth maharaja is the destroys families sake of those who have brutally tortured the family of others. E’s makaramum get guru, a word that could prevent the grotesque beast found these sinners surrounded muttimoti variety of types of harassment


 5th we see going kumbhipakam delicious food vayilla lives of Cruelty kills rapidly harasses the sinner reaches the hell Kumpitum Part-burning stove kept in the cauldron and put ematutarkal perverse persecute


  1. The sixth kind of hell kalacuttiram This is the hell where the indifferent sinners who beat, humiliate, persecute and starve the elders and their parents go. This is the very way they are sure toThis is the kicked and starved.chronology of the seventh type of hell. Persecution and suffering will cause incomprehensible fear in this hell


  1. Have you seen the eighth hell Punishment until the face is innocent is cruel E extrajudicial injustice complicity akramakum sharp parkalutanum a type of animal found in its mouth caught sharp teeth katika pattu sinners suffer appatinnu saying there, the pig-faced 


9 th antakupam uyirkalaic torture cruelly killing the crimes of sinners reaches hell antakupam wild beasts bite kutarum would be strange Cows are trampled down and tormented


  1. There is only the tenth hell, the Bartholomew germ meal


  11.. Sinners who have usurped things by their power and influence and forcibly accomplished their deeds will reach a hell like this Term sinner a long stick in the mirukattaippe the limbs having built burning aknikuntat grabbing taken


  1. Fire Vajra kantakam unapproachable mandate woman gathered wherein kamaveriyarkal reaches hell Vajra kantakam fire but the crops ivanka embracing vivanka the body burned persecuted 


  1. Fire canmali good and bad papam of the blind relationship even spare someone somehow gathered wherein katakarkal reaching hell’s get these sinners mullana bars and thorny emakinkararkal persecute


  1. Fire vaitarani power ploy deception friendship nor intercession going tarmattukkup outside the walking will be the Fire vaitarani the natiyalla the river instead of water as the blood boiling fluid, urine and poop mixed These sinners, who this river that flows like a river, will not be able to cross this river and will suffer if they fall into it. 


  1. Hell is the hell of a hell of a lot of shameless women who live immoral lives and live like beasts with no ambition in life.


  1. Hell Parthinkanna Animal Rod Hell is the hell that kills animals if they torture them.


  1. Vyasana Cows are all angels. Hell is the hell that those who torture those cows will 



  1. Hell is the kind of hell where Lala Paksham tortures his wife and subjugates her to immoral lust.


  1. The kind of hell Parthankanda Sarameya Tanam Burning houses Looting Torturing lives Poisoning Killing people Accumulating deadly sins This is the hell that the strange deadly beasts here are tormenting and tormenting lives like this


  1. What kind of hell did you see? Hell is the only hell you can reach without harming someone. This is also a horrible hell


  1. Th Administration is the hell of those who take wine and give it to others and take the citizens. This entourage will put this in this hell by telling them to drink the broth of fire. 


lives like


  1. Hell is the hell of the lives of those who understand the evil deeds and insult everyone. 


  1. Type Arohanam Sacrifice and sinners who ate human flesh and kept meager animals. This is the hell where the lives of the victims are the foremost victims. This is the twenty-third type of hell. 


24 Conspiracy to commit suicide this is achieved by getting the hell is the sin of betrayal up here, living wild birds, as well as the environment kutara stabbed and stabbed and stab them

 to the benefit of others 


  1. This is the hell where sinners who have done evil without doing it will reach.


  1. The only kind of hell that will only torment the beasts of prey is to tie the hands of the living and torment them with fire.


 27 . If you see hell as a transaction treats guests and despises and abuses them and those who are stingy leave the guests without food and this is the hell they will reach. This is the kind of life where people like this willthirst without food and water.


 28. starve andholed up reaching them is the fire, which get the things that made the beasts parttena to help anyone without the hunger and thirst and suffer more of these ematutarkal made with needles kuttit hurt like this in our look at the 28 hells’s most important cities, the 


Garuda Purana, the 28 kinds narakankalum atotu penalties our detailed saw is our Not only for the sake of knowledge but also for the sake of not committing such sinful deeds, as we have said before, the myth should not be kept or read at home. People ask that there is no evidence in that kind of Shastra 18 Puranas can be kept at home. Read Karutapurana and one of the 18 Puranas. It is a myth that by reading it at the time of death, the deceased will get good fortune. Anyone can read the Garuda Purana at any time and we need to know the contents of the milk for the births and deaths of life. Not only for use but also to mature our mind and live a good life so this is the only book that every human being should read in life. This thread will lead to a decrease, so watch this video and let your loved ones know about this Karuta Purana and also to live a good life. 

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