Girivalam rasi lingam Tiruvannamalai

Girivalam rasi lingam Tiruvannamalai

Girivalam rasi lingam Tiruvannamalai. Today we are going to visit the eight lingams around the Annamalaiyar Temple Tiruvannamalai. In this post we will give you in full what is the mythological history behind  these eight lingam and also about the general benefits that can come if any of these eight lingams are worshiped by any of the 12 zodiac signs.

When you go to Kiriwalam in Thiruvannamalai, you will get many benefits if you worship these eight lingams located on the Kiriwalam Path properly. Now I tell you the myth of being behind those eight lingams. In the Brahma lok, the Ashta Balakars  cursed by Brahman. to get rid of the curse Ashta Balakar dedicated 8 eight lingams around this hill and worshipped.

We are going to see about the pride of the lingams that the Ashta Balakars dedicated lingams  which has cleared their curse and fulfilled their wish.

These eight lingams represent different directions in the world as their names are Indra Lingam Agni Lingam Ema Lingam Niruti Lingam Varuna Lingam Vayu Lingam Kubera Lingam Eesana Lingam. All this makes it possible for man to live a better life in every age as well as to be blessed with many benefits for the devotees.

These eight lingas are located just like seeing the Navagrahas. There was no doubt that there are many benefits for the devotees who worship them. Now we are going to tell you about the general benefits of worshiping these lingams.


The first thing we will see is the Indralingam located on the eastern side. The zodiac signs to worship this Lingam is Pisces zodiac with Libra zodiac. The Indralingam is the first to appear on the way to Kirivalam. It is located in the south east. This lingam was established by the earth god Indra and is located in the eastern direction. Lord Sun and Venus  atipati to this temple visit the Indra Lingam and worship at this temple, there will be Lakshmi katatcamum in life.

Agni Lingam

The Agni Lingam is the second lingam in the south-eastern direction. Agni Lingam is a lingam to be worshiped by Leo zodiac sign. I told you before to worship this lingam towards the south east direction. The highlight of this lingam is the Agni Lingam which is the only lingam on the left hand side on the way to the Kiriwalam. Visiting the Agni Linga will remove the annoying anxieties of the enemy and lead to a disease-free life. Atipati to this temple is chndran. It is believed that this lingam has the power to remove the obstacles in life.


Lingam Yamalingam is the third lingam in the Kiriwalam. This lingam faces south. The zodiac signs that should worship this lingam are Scorpio zodiac signs. It is said that the lingam established by Yamadarman is that all the  Scorpio zodiac must offer this third lingam which is located in the path of Kiriwala. This lingam is a lingam belonging to the planet chevvai. Worshiping this lingam here will bring economic growth that will alleviate the worries of debt.


The fourth sight we see on the path of Kirvalam is Niruthilingam Niruthilingam to be worshiped by Aries zodiac sign. Niruthilingam is in the southwest direction. You can see the gratitude that lies in the fact that Nandi appeared spontaneously while looking at the mountain from near Nandi Deva in front of Niruthilingam. If you worship the Rahu Lingam in the south-western direction, those who are not blessed with children will have the privilege of having a child. Theppakulam, also known as Sani Theertham, is located near this place.


The fifth lingam we should see on the Kiriwalam path is the Varunalingam which is located on the western side. Lingam to be worshiped by Capricorn and Aquarius. Varuna Theertham is located near the temple. If we worships the lingam we will have a life full of meaning and glory and will get relief from chronic diseases.


The sixth lingam to be worshiped on the Kiriwalam path is the  Vayu Lingam which is located in the north-western direction. This Vayu lingam is  to be worshiped by the Cancer zodiac. This name is known as Vayulingam as it is located in the north-western direction. This lingam was established by Lord Vayu Bhagavan. Enemies can be freed from such harassment if they visit and worship this lingam   Ketu is atipati this temple. Since the ruling planet is Ketu, if you serve this lingam, you can get rid of heart, stomach, lungs and common ailments.

Kubera Lingam

Kubera Lingam is the seventh lingam to be worshiped in our Kiriwalam path. This Kubera Lingam is a lingam that should be worshiped by Sagittarians and Pisces. Sivanar is nicknamed as Kubera Lingam as Kubera is located in the north direction. This lingam was established by the Kubera deity who gives peace of mind, happiness, land and wealth if one worships Lord Guru Kubera Linga Murthy in this direction. Devotees can pray for this lingam to be prosperous.

Isaniya Lingam

Isaniya Lingam located northeast of Kiriwalapatha. Gemini Virgo Zodiac to be worship this Lingam. The last lingam in the Kiriwalapatha is the Isaniya lingam. The lingam is located facing northeast. The temple is located just below the ground level. If the head of this direction is buthan we worship this lingam the mind can better understand the questions of unification education.

Devotees go round the Kiriwalapatha on many days including Shivratri New Year, Birthday, Full Moon, Karthika month. Myths say that there are, so if you have any zodiac sign, you can finish this Ashta Linga and visit our Idukku Pillaiyar Temple.

Girivalam rasi lingam Tiruvannamalai

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