happy moment and money will bring by these two

Happy moment and money

Happy moment and money will bring by these two. We can see the good power in this world dominating. Like that equally we could see the evil power dominate this universe.

Suddenly we would have get changes in our life from happiest moments to sad things happening in our life all of sudden. This is called as an negative energies which is around us.

To get out of these sudden unexpected hurdles and clear the negative energy from our home. We are having two simple things in our home. Which will give us the power to clear the negative energy, from us and home in and around.

Now we are going to see those two things. Which we can use from our home to clear negative energy through this post.

You can see the difference in home that silent and happiness will suddenly changed, quarrel uneasiness shouting. Will be more in the home. We can notice dispute between husband and wife for simple things that may leads to big problem in relation.

To stop these types of unwanted problems in home and between family members and husband & wife. This remedy will clear all the negative energy in our home that you can find after doing this.

After doing this remedy you will the improvement in your business. If you are in job you can feel the difference like salary increment job promotion in the current job or you can get new big opportunities. And you can feel the happiness in home.

To get happy and peaceful life you should get the grace of you family god (kuladeivam).Those who dont know their family god they can accept Lord Thiruchendur Murugan as their god. And do this remedy with heartful devotion.

Happy Dream Remedy

Take a small piece of black cloth and add 27 number of black fennel seeds in that cloth. And add little bit white mustard to the cloth and tie a knot. Hang this cloth above and the middle of the the main door footing of the level door of your house.

If you know yours gods mantra chant this mantra for three times those who didn’t know their family god. Chant this lord murugan mantra three times Om Saravanabava and tie the knot and do this remedy.

Its generally said that gods will be living in our house entrance door. That is why we should not make louder noice or shout on standing in middle of the entrance door.

That is why it said that the entrance door of the house, should not always be kept noisy. Or not to shake the door frequently and to climb on the door and play.

If we keep the latch noisy, we should repaired it immediately. If not, there will be guilt of the god. If we drop a little coconut oil in the latch it will work as quietly as it used to. We should always have turmeric powder and saffron on the doorstep and worship by lighting a lamp. No evil force can come in beyond this white mustard and pepper lump knot hangs above the entrance door. It is always good us to keep these two products at home which gives us good thing.

Happy moment and money

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