Hayagriva mantra for success

Hayagriva mantra for success

Lord Hayagreeva is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu, He looks with a human physique and a horse’s head, sensible white in shade, with white clothes, seated on a white lotus flower.

Hayagreeva is a vital deity within the Vaishnava custom. His blessings are sought when starting research of each sacred and secular topicsParticular worship is carried out on the day of the complete moon in August (Sravana-Paurnami) and on Mahanavami, the ninth day of the Navaratri . He’s additionally hailed as “Hayasirsa”. which means the Horse (Haya) Sirsa (Headed one) and is considered to be the guru of the goddess , Saraswathi.

Once up on a time demons   Madhu and Kaithaba stole the Vedas from the creator Brahma. To get back the vedas Vishnu took a avatar the type of Hayagreeva. In the Skanda Purana and in the Sri Devi Purana a lot of things have been said about lord hayagreeva.

Praying hayagreeva he will bless with the  good study and an good  education. Can be better understood by learning the good arts as well. Our exhausting work and honest efforts are shouldhowever together with it we additionally want God’s grace for achievement in any subject together with exams.
The Hayagriva mantra for success, which is highly effective and simple to chant which provides good outcomes in the work we taken.

Hayagriva guru of Goddess Saraswati

This Hayagriva Perumal is the guru of Goddess Saraswati. Iyagrivar is the re-imagining of Perumal who removes the darkness of your ignorance and leads you to the light of enlightenment.

He will be seen with Goddess Maha Lakshmi on his lap on some temple as a way to provide good wealth as well. We are celebrating Iyagrivar Jayanti in the month of Hayagirivar Avani under the star Thiruvonam. On Jayanti, we can decorate this festival with cardamom garlands and spices, ie jasmine flower saffron cardamom.

The educational knowledge of our children is so much more likely to be blessed as worship. Not only that, it is the only star in the month of Avani that can come and go every year. On Wednesday star of Thiruvana  worshiping the  will give us more benefit.

Every Wednesday and Thursday Saturday is a good day to worship Lord Hayagriva. The portrait of Perumal is a re-enactment of this Highgriver for whom it is best that we worship all three of these days. It’s not just for the kids we come and do this kind of worship.

If the child at home so that they can carry these rituals to these islands and give them more benefit. Therefore, every Wednesday and Thursday, on Saturdays, we worship the image of hayagriva with  Pushpamala.

Hayagriva mantra benefits

If there is a fast then there is no need to fast. This is the only light the lamp we get up in the morning is very good. If you can’t light it by the kids in the morning then they do you light it in the evening and worship it in the evening is a very good specialty.

He can come and say slogan i.e. there is a Highgriver Gayatri Mantra there are his slogans to recite this daily. Children can tell students to read which means a good wisdom will come to them to tell and tell this mantra and slogan.

The authors and orator are from the field of poetry so by worshiping him you will gradually develop a better and better wisdom memory. When hayagrivar was angry, Mahalakshmi went to calm down his anger and sat down on his lap. It only makes sense that this scene is a way for us to go through this education and give us material wealth.

Education is the wealth of Saraswati Devi where comes to home. It is an allegory that Lakshmi and Parvati Devi will go after sarawathi. Wherever Saraswati is stays, Goddess Lakshmi & Parvati is will be there.

Therefore, if we look at the best of wealth, education says that. Where education comes from, wealth and power will come to us automatically. It is our duty to give this education to our children and to make a small effort to believe. That we need the grace of God

Hayagriva mantra


Gyaanaanadamayam Devam, Nirmala Sphatikaakrutim

Aadhaaram Sarva Vidyaanaam, Hayagreevam Upaasmahe.



OM Sri HayaGreevaaya Namaha.


Hayagriva mantra for success

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