Indra Mantra for Money & Success

Indra Mantra for Money

This Lord Indra Mantra is chanting to Increase our Good Luck Energies and to have  good Money flow. This mantra has  been Chanted by Many peoples and found to be effective. This mantra has the power to bring money to us from any where. That we dont  have imagined in our lifetime. How to chant this Mantra.

This mantra can be Start chanting from any auspicious day.  Wear yellow clothes when you chant this mantra.  Worship god Indra with flowers.  Lit a  ghee lamp in front of the image of lord Indra. Chant this mantra for five times sitting in facing the north side. Like this do this mantra Chanting  for 21 days continuously.  After completing for twenty one day, Chant daily one time 1  for good fortune and get Money regularly from everywhere.


॥ Om Shreem Indra Shreem Hreem Om Namah ॥


Indra Gayathri Mantra

” om devarajaya vidmahe ”
” vajrahastaya dhimahi ”
” tanno indrah prachodayat ||

Indra History

According to vedas and hindu mytology indra is said to be an king of devaloka (Swarga) head of all devtas. The word indra was not a name of a devta it is position who is the head of all devtas is called as indra. He is the head of the heaven (swarg), lightning, thunder, storms, rains, river flows. He controls all devats in devalok like vayu, agni, surya, chandra, and other devtas. His vehicle  is a white elephant named Airavat. And he is  also one of the dikpalas or guardians of directions. He lives in amaravathi in the indraloaka , the place which is on the Mount Meru.

Kashyapa father of lord indra was living with his wife Aditi and Diti, two of his wives, in the ashrama. Kashyapa was got pleased with Aditi’s services to him and told her to ask for a vara (boon). Aditi asked kashyapa she wants a one ideal son. According to that lord Indra was born to Aditi. After that, Aditi gave birth to other childers, namely Varuna, Parjanya, Mitra, Amsa, Pusan, Dhatri, Tvastra, Aryaman, Surya, and Bhaga.

His wife name is Shachi, she is also known as Indrani. Lord indra and indrani have three childrens one son & two daughters, named Jayanta,  Jayanti and Devasena. His one daughterJayanti marries Shukra ( he also known as Shukracharya the guru of Asuras).

And another daughter is married to Lord Murugan son of lord shiva goddess parvathi. As lord muruga free all devtas from jailed by the Asura king suran, he had war with asura king suran and killed him to free devtas and king indra. For this reason lord indra asked lord murugan  his daughter devasena. He has the powerful wepon called vajura which is made of rishi backbone.

Indra Weapon

Indra’s foremost weapon is the Vajra. He additionally makes use of a thunderbolt referred to as Bhaudhara. His Indrastra, the weapon that brings a bathe of arrows is extraordinarily highly effective. His Vasavi Shakti, the magical dart, will kill somebody it doesn’t matter what.

He has many different weapons like Sutrastra, Sanghatastra, and Vetagri. The dhanush is known as Indra’s bow or Indradhanush. He additionally has the magical hook and net. His rain missile is known as the Parjanya astra and one other of his weapons is  Visoshana, which dries up. The Aindraastra can be owned by Indra.

Indra’s commanding persona is believed to have slain the evil demon (asura), Vritra, who continuously  destroy the peace and happiness amongst human beings on Earth. By killing the Asura vritra, lord Indra established himself as a good friend of mankind as a completeadditionally restoring peace, pleasure and sunshine on this planet.

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