kachabeswarar temple kanchipuram

kachabeswarar temple kanchipuram

kachabeswarar temple kanchipuram. If we look at the city of Tamil Nadu that still retains its ancient glory, we include the city of Kanchipuram. The city is famous not only for its many temples but also for being the capital of the Pallava kings. It is no exaggeration to say that Kanchipuram is a spiritual city with many temples in Tamil Nadu.

The Lord bestows blessings on the devotees by bringing temples in many places. Such temples are special as Murthy Talam Theertham. Kachchabeeswarar Temple, is located on the main road of Rajaveedi in the city of Kanchi. The deity is special because the gods and sages like Thirumal worshiped this deity. Naimicaraniya munivarkal shown a way so it has talaccirappu. Tirukulam is unique in that it offers the benefits of being submerged.

thirukachur sivan temple history

The 5-tiered Rajagopuram to the north welcomes us to Ishta Siddhi, the west-facing temple of Kanchi Kachchabeeswarar. That is to say, Kanchi Kachchabeeswarar is proud of having two Shiva temples with the same walls. Thevara inscriptions for this temple are not available.

What the great king Rajaraja Thillaiyul said to the temple may have been hidden in the innumerable manuscripts which were destroyed by the charcoal when he discovered the temples.

It is spoken in this temple which is famous in the grammar book taṇṇir alankaram composed in Tamil in the 7th century AD.

You can see the history of this temple. The god shiva spread Trisulam once destroyed the great giants Thirumal Brahman and all devtas danced to be seen by Umadevi in the great day and night.

He intended to create the world again. The Lord Himself appeared in the lingam at Kanchipuram, which is immortal at the time when all the worlds destroyed, that is, in the region and by His power recreated the world averages and the devtas such as perumal. Brahmadevan worshiped with Saraswati and got a creative career.

The devtas and demons led the mantara mountain intoxicated to obtain nectar and then crossed the ocean of milk. Thus the insatiable Thirumal wandered across the sea in fear of the world so that the frightened gods took refuge in Lord Shiva and by his mercy he went there and destroyed him and wore its veil on his chest in the middle of the mala.

Kachapam Name

Thirumal, who was arrogant, worshiped the jothi lingam to remove the crime he had committed. The lingam that has been worshiped since then has been called Kachapam which means tortoise. Anyone who goes to a place of worship where he intends to worship the Lord will be relieved of his misery in this world and will eventually attain salvation and all goodness and prosperity. The Kanchipurana explains this.

In the month of Karthika, devotees bathe in the Ishtasiddhi Theertham in this temple, mix the paste in a new pot, knead a neydeepam, place the coconut flower fruit etc. in the flour and come around the temple carrying the pan on their heads. Thus it is a fact that getting rid of headaches, earaches, ear abscesses and headaches is still going on today.

One of the oldest Pallava temples in the Pallava style of architecture is the Somaskanda form with the Lord Goddess and Kumaran on the back wall of the sanctum sanctorum. Ithalam Prithivi means soil and therefore the original lingam is made of soil.

The plane above the source is proud to be built of black stone which is unique feature that is not found anywhere else. There is stone pillars on either side of the hall leading directly from the Rishi Tower to the Moolavar Sannidhi are lined with lions resting on their heads.

The Yakshala Hall on the outside of the temple and the Dakshinamoorthy on the outside of the temple are all very artistic. Saraswati Devi sits alone in the vayu corner around the sanctum sanctorum and is blessed with a unique feature that is found nowhere else.

Worships are performed on the way to Kamika Agamam at the famous ancient Shiva temple. The Chithirai Uthira Tirukkalyana festival which is held for 12 days in the month of Chithirai is also a special day on the Sundays of the month of Karthika at Markazhi Thiruvathirai.

The history of Statistics, another temple located in another special temple, is very interesting. Tadeshi Sage is a descendant of Sage Brighu. While he was talking with the king’s friend Ruben, the king’s sage argued over who was the best.

Full story of kachabeswarar

Tathisi Sage Ruben came and said that Sage Andanar was very high and the king was superior. This discussion turned into a great battle. The king cut the sage in two with a vajrayuta weapon to beat the sage.

Sage fell to the ground thinking of sukran. Knowing this, sukran fitted the severed body of the sage and revived him. If you reach the Kanchi and worshiped Lord Shiva and have attained inferiority. It is located near the Theertham Easter Sesha Theertham. Sage reached Kanchi and bathed in this theertam and worshiped Lord Shiva. After that he took the king and kicked his head with his left foot.

In this theertam, sukran worships the Streams Up Lord near the water and raises the dead mantra of Mrithasanchivini. In this theertam he immersed himself with Brahman Saraswati on the planet and gained creation and coexistence. In the Tiretayug the sun sank and received a scriptural body and a thousand rays. In the Dhuvapara Yuga, Thirumal immersed himself in Lakshmi and Vaikundam. In Kaliyuga the goddess was immersed and half-mixed in Thiruvegambar Thirumeni. Kuberan received the drowning dead eye and became a companion to the Lord.

May we also worship the great lord who has risen as such a special and get all our life happy.

 kachabeswarar temple kanchipuram timings

Daily Morning 6.00am to 12.00pm Evening 4.00pm to 8.30pm

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