kanchipuram temple ekambareswarar temple history

kanchipuram temple ekambareswarar temple history

kanchipuram temple ekambareswarar temple history. When lord Shiva was in (thavam) yoga. Goddess parvathi covered both eyes of lord shiva with her hands for simply playing. During that time the planets are stopped running. And the sun did not rise. The world became darkened and all the movement in world stopped.

When realizing that she had done mistake, goddess parvathi asked Lord Shiva to forgive her for the mistake done by her. But shiva asked her to do (thavam) yoga to get relife from her mistake that is the punishment. And lord shiva seleted send goddess parvathi this place to do her (thavam) yoga.

Goddess parvathi came here build the shiva lingam with sand under a mango tree and stand in middle of the famine fire. To test goddess prayer (thavam) , Shiva sent the river Ganga that come from his head to the earth.

parvathi Feard that the shiva lingam she buld with sand will dissolve in the gangas flood. Parvathi gurd the shiva lingam by hugginging with her cheast. Lord shiva was pleased with her prayer and forgive her mistake and married her.

The sand Shiva lingam worshiped by goddess parvathi (Kamatchi Ambal) is in the temple. The symbol of construction of lingam by goddess kamatchi (parvathi) was still in the temple.

This is the first place in the panchaputra temple this temple represent the earth. Lord shiva in the temple is build by sand in the lingam there will be a mark.

That was happend by goddess parvathi when she hugged shiva lingam to save from ganga flood. lord shiva lingam is worshipped with armor and perfume.

Mango Tree

There is a mango tree behind the prakaram of Ekampareswarar lingam. Lord Shiva seated Under this tree with goddess parvathi in a form of Somaskanda.

Goddess parvathi (kamatchi) bows her head and turns towards lord Shiva. This is called as Lord Shiva “marriage” posture.

When goddess parvathi doing prayer (thavam), under this tree Lord Shiva appeared and completed her prayer. Lord Shiva is known by the name of this tree as “Ekampareswarar. This tree is also called as Veda mango tree.

This tree is about nearly 3500 years old. Very sacred and divine mango tree. It has four branches that shows four Vedas. The fruits in this tree has four flavors of sweet, sour, astringent and carp. Those who are dont have child if they eat this trees fruit they will be blessed with baby.

As Lord Shiva blessed goddess parvathi in this place. As goddess parvathi request the lord shiva the devotees who came here should get all there wishes fulfilled. Requesting blessing for Child and marriage are main prayers in this temple.

By worshipping lord ekkambaranathar (lord shiva) in this temple you will get moksha. Those who want peace of mind they come to this temple in large numbers. As this temple is famous for marriage large number of marriage are done in this temple.

This temple opening time is from morning 06:00 am to 12.30 pm, evening 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm.

This temple is very near to kanchipuram kamatchi amma temple.

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kanchipuram temple ekambareswarar temple history

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