kanda shasti kavasam benefits | explanation

kanda shasti kavasam benefits

mantra A word separated by a specific pronunciation or word. A few of these have been identified as spells or a few sounds that can act as keys. They are a key to unlocking different dimensions of life if we use them in a certain way.

Although there are many books with such magical words in our culture. The only book that has captivated everyone with its uniqueness is  Murugan’s Kanda Sashti Kavasam. This Kavasam has the power to come and save our lives. The shield (Kavasam) is a collection of many rare spells. Every step of the Kavasam is magical powerful mantra.

The Pranava Mantra of Om is the six-letter mantra of Om Saravanapava Bijacharam from Namagiri is located at several lines of the shield. Also, words such as ‘Potri Charanam’ are used to protect the completion of the armor. These are not just words, they are magical words.

Kandasashtikavasam is a feature that has been mixed in the lives of Tamils. One aspect is that it is a magical rain mantra that excites not only the Tamils but also the reading and listening by others. The lyrics of this song that is being played here by this Kanda Sashti Kavasam will make us recite it again and again once it falls on our ears.

This wonderful Kavasam is the most beautiful beauty Murugan Pamalai (song) in body and mind. It was Thevaraya Swami who bestowed upon us the Kanda Sashti which is a shield (Kavasam) for the life of the devotees.

Formation of Kandasashtikavasam

The main reason for the formation of Kandasashtikavasam was a physical abuse of Thevaraya. Thevaraya, an ardent devotee of Lord Murugan, was a Tamil sage and devotee, but his stomach ache was a major problem. He took any number of drugs he did something It was increasing without decreasing a little.

It is our nature to remember the Lord when our ability does not work. He thought of the stomach ache of Apparum Bhagatikuttar Adisankar. The Lord has come down to the elders and has a grace but I have a doubt that the Lord will help those like us. My mind wandered between pain and suspicion and came to an end.

He decided that it was useless to live with the pain caused by the pain and wanted to take his own life. So he decide to go Thiruchendur went there with a plan to drown in the sea and end his own life.

Who Wrote Kandha Sasti Kavasam

But the Lord’s intention was different Thevarayar who went to Thiruchendur in search of death. But there was shasti festivel is going on so Thevarayar decided to complete shasti for six day after that he end his life.

It was such a postponement that gave him the blessings of Senthur Murugan. Seeing the face of Lord Murugan in Senthur was a relief to forget the stomach ache. He sat in wisdom in the temple hall. Pain Insisted but gave it a place to endure and the Tamil rags it had learned so far emerged as shields.

In six days, Thevarayan sang kavacha for six murugan shrine. Singing kavacham  (words) increse even stomach ache kept decreasing. Only after the sixth shield (kavacha) was sung did the abdominal pain completely disappear that he understood that.

That one moment alone was enough for him to forget all look at the Kantan’s mercy. After the awakening of true love for the Lord, the attachment to life was removed and he rose to the status of Thevaraya Swami. At the same time, once the Thevaraya Swamis went around the hill to worship at the Palani Dandayuthapani Temple.

When he came around the hill, he regretted that there were many mentally ill people in the halls. And slept in the temple hall that night, praying that Arumugam would guide them all to get well. In his dream lord murugan came and said him we have the grace to fulfill your intention but the way is in you lord blessed him.

Such a magical kavasam is like an iron shield for human. It is a protective ring centered on the divine aspirations of the divine. Thus armor threads serve as a protective shield.

Kanda Sashti Kavasam 36 Times

This is what Arunagiriyar Kandar said in a song titled Kandan Arulya kavacham. Kanda Sashti in this aspect can be chanted 36 times a day and all diseases can be cured by chanting. Thevarayar has stated that the all navagraha planets will enjoy and benefit and that they will live happily.

And when we know the true meaning of Kanda Sashti Kavasam and recite it daily, that work will protect us from the shield of all life inside our body. Experiential Facts Pamban swamis often recite the mind-melting Kanda Sashti armor.

Once while reciting like that he wished to sing a similar armor on Murugan.  Thus he sang Shanmuga Kavasam This Shanmuga Kavasam also contains 6 shields like Kanda Sashti Kavasam. Kanda Sashti’s uniqueness lies in the fact that Arunagirinathar’s turnaround in devotional texts such as. Thevaram Thiruvasakam is such that folk songs can be read and benefited just as they are in simple Tamil.

If there is no one who does not melt for Thiruvasakam. Then there is no one who snatches their mind for Kandasashti Kavasam Benefits

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