kumbakonam ayyavadi pratyangira devi

kumbakonam ayyavadi pratyangira devi

kumbakonam ayyavadi pratyangira devi. Atharvana Bhadrakali, the most powerful deity in the universe, is also known as Pratiyangira. She creates, protects and destroys the universe with her millions of avatar. In the Atharvana Veda there are mantras about the worship of this Goddess in the Mantra Kanda. She is also known as Atharvana Bhadrakali as she is the goddess who makes her devotees dim.

One of the most intense forms of Pratiyangiradevi power is seen with the lion face and body. Pratiyangira of Hindu mythology is considered to be the form of Vishnu Kali Durga. She is seen in a chariot locked by four lions with a lion’s face and eight hands with a very angry look and intense speed.

She is believed to have appeared from Sarabheswara’s forehead. Narasimha’s fury did not subside even after the slaying of Iraniya Kasipu. Seeing this, the gods trembled with fear and took refuge in Parameswaran. The Sarabheswarar is a giant bird with a half-bird figure and a half-yaw figure. Having said this, we and the teeth had a fight with Sarabham Narasimha.

Desiring to end this long-running feud, Sarabar made Kali, one of his wings, incarnate as the goddess Ukra Pratyangira. During the fierce battle between Sarabar and Narasimha, Narasimha fought in the form of a bird called kanta peruntam.

The kanta peruntam is a fierce enemy of Sarabar he was very angry during the war. He sighed from his forehead ukkirap pirattiyankira  pattirakali was born. She swallow the powers of kanda peruntam (narashima).

Prithviyangira and Shoolini are wife of Sarabheswar. Both of them have been two wings to Sarabheswar. Prithviyangira Devi Bhadrakali was the force that came to help subdue Sarabamoorthy Narasimha. She is called Ukra because of her horrible appearance. After that Narasimha calmed down and regretted that he had fought with Shiva.


This Pratiyangiradevi was the one who helped the Virapattiran sent by Lord Shiva to destroy Datsan’s yaga. She also has a called as  kurota sampava ya, because she was born out of hostility.

Indrajith, who realized that even Sriram Brahman could not defeat himself if he worshiped her and got her grace, secretly performed a yajna for this mother at Nikumbala.

The Anjaneyar, who knew through Jambavan that he could not beat him if he got the grace of Goddess Pratiyangira, hanuman destroye the yajna. Those who worship her will get 16 riches out of debt and live a great life. Mother Pratiyangira Devi judging all evils like voodoo and evil deeds. Despite her agoraphobic appearance, the Goddess is endowed with omnipotence and grace.

If there is any fear, the remover of those fears will be there to say the name of the Goddess. It was Pratiyangira who helped Bhairav to get rid of the monster called Andagan. Taragan had the gift of a thousand monsters appearing from every drop of his blood when he spilled his blood. He also had the gift of wanting to die for himself through a woman. To kill him Vishnu Vaishnavism created Brahma Brahmi Maheswaran Maheswari Indra Indrani but they both could not take Taragan.

Then from Rudra’s eyes Pratiyangira incarnated as Bhadrakali and appeared with her in Kali Karthiyayini Santa Chamunda with Mardini Vaishnavi  and all together  form as one goddess and killed tarangan.

Pandavas came to Ayyavadi

The Panchpands lost the country and suffered humiliation. Wandering and suffering wandered in the jungle. All the brothers lived in isolation from being harassed by the enemy. They were worried that the disease would come because of the lack of good food and the right place to sleep.

Krishna had already preached to all those brothers that if the mind is always disturbed then all the worshipers of Goddess Pratyangira will go and give you victory and worship her and receive her grace.

One day, the Pandavas began to worship Goddess Pratyangira, who appeared as a self-portrait. They used the leaves of the flowerless tree as flowers where they were and meditated on Goddess Pratyangira and took the leaves of Alam and consecrated her. The leaves fell at the feet of the Goddess in five stages.

As a result of worshiping for a long time, the Pandavas won, restored love, regained power, and the nation was full. The place got the name Ivarpadi because it was worshiped by the Pandavas. Now it called Ayyavadi. Mother Pratiyangira Devi rises here as a self-sacrificing deity and blesses the devotees who worship her. Mother Prithviyangira lives in Ayyavadi near Thirunageswaram in Kumbakonam.

kumbakonam ayyavadi pratyangira devi

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