lord murugan mantras get out of bad thoughts

lord murugan mantras get out of bad thoughts

lord murugan mantras get out of bad thoughts. There is no person in this world is good or bad. Everyone has good qualities and also bad things. The human mind has good and bad thoughts it varying by the situation and person position. Even everything in this world has two different think’s good thing and bad things. There is no special characters that human brain have to think about only good things. Some situations we can get some bad thinking during that time we can chant this following mantra to clear that thoughts. Please read this full post to know the mantra.

We cannot neglect or keep away any of the person in this world because he’s bad or wrong doing human. As ever person in this world has some good qualities with him that will be shown by him at some point of time. Like that we can’t trust any person seeing his good character from outside of him. He may have bad thinkings with him but no one can find him. The person who telling him self as good person may have some bad character with him. And person who says he’s is bad about him may have some good qualities with him.

Some times we may have bad thoughts in our mind. We know that what we thinking is wrong but we could not able to come out of that thinking this is because of the situation of that person. But he may try to get out of those bad thoughts it’s difficult to come out of that. If we become addicted to bad thinkings we could not over come from that. So we should stop those kind of thinking from the starting itself it’s not so much difficult to come out of that. If we try we can differentily over come from that.

Lord Murugan Mantra

To clear bad thinkings from our mind we should chant this Swamimalai Swaminatha Slogan (lord Murugan) mantra on Tuesday and Thursday to get good result.

This mantra has the power to make people to come out of bad activities and thinking.

It has the power to gain good thinkings to us and make us not to addicted to any of the bad thoughts or activities.

Swamimalai Swaminatha (lord Murugan) Slogam

Kashaya Samveeta Katram: Kama Rogathi Samhari Pixhanna Patram Karunya Sampoorna Netram: Sakthi Hastam Pavithram Baje Sambu Putram

Slogam meaning

The one who we’re vastra (dress) as simple like rishi. To destroy bad thinking from your devotees. Keeping vel (weapon) in hand and keeping very soft corner to the devotees who worship. Who come to you with pure bhakti and devotion blessings them with good health and wealth. Giving lucture to father we adore you. And We pray to get out of the bad thoughts in my mind and give the good thoughts in my life. This is the mantra we should chant to get out of bad thinking in our life.

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lord murugan mantras get out of bad thoughts

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