Lord Shiva Parvati Temple Thiruvannamalai

Lord Shiva Parvati Temple Thiruvannamalai

Lord Shiva Parvati Temple Thiruvannamalai there was a difference between brahma and vishnu over who was the great among them so keep  contest . And Both of them went to Lord Shiva to tell who is greatest among them shiva and told them that who one was seeing my feet and hair and that he was the greatest. And Lord Shiva appeared as a Jyoti Plum. That torch itself became a mountain of fire. This mountain is called Thiruvannamalai and behind the temple.

To see the foot of Shiva, Vishnu changed as a varaha (pig) and went into the earth. It just kept going. He came and said to Lord Shiva that he could not able to see his foot so he come back. Next, Brahma change the form of a bird and sent out to find Lord Shiva’s hair. Knowing he could not able to find the hair of shiva Brahman lied.
That he has seen the hair of shiva as shiva knows brahma lied he gave a shap to brahma that he don’t have any temple on earth and no one will worship him on earth.

At the same time he gave blessing to lord vishnu that he will be worshiped same like him and have temples

Tiruvannamalai screct

Reason for name Annamalai: Annuthal is the name of nearing. Anna means you can not get close. Annamalai got its name from the mountain of fire that Brahman and Vishnu can not able to see the shiva hair and foot.

kailayam temple is special as there is a lingam in the temple. But the Thiruvannamalai is special because of Lingam is a mountain. This mountain is considered to be one of the most sacred place on earth.

In Lord Shiva Parvati Temple Thiruvannamalai is famous for Girivalam walking around the mountain. Mountain has been worshiped as a Shivalinga by all the rishi and Siddharthas. And siddar existing till now.

Lord Shiva Parvati Temple Tiruvannamalai Gopuram

This temple has nine towers gopuram. There are six ramparts (pragaram)inside the temple. The temple has 142 shrines, 22 ganesh staues, 306 halls, 1000 pillar called Aiyarangal mandapam, and also has the Patala Lingam, 43 copper statues idols, Kalyana mandapam and Annamalaiyar foot mandapam. In the temple, there are two large ponds, the Shiva ganga Theertham and Brahma Theertham.

Theepadarisana Mandapam is located near the kele gopuram in the Annamalaiyar Temple. . This hall was built on 1202 by Mangaiyarkarasi Ammayar.It is also called as the Mangaiyarkarasi Mandapam. There is where the Panchamoorthys wake up before the lamp is lit.

Shiva appeared as Agni to both Vishnu and Brahma in the month of Karthika Krithika. This Day is celebrated asKarthika deepam . Early in the morning, a lamp is lit in the Annamalaiyar temple, through which five more lamps are lit and worshiped. Then the lamp lights will be put together and placed near the Annamalaiyar lord shiva. This is called the “one becomes many, many become one” philosophy. This is because will appear in many forms to bless their devotees. Then they will take this lamp light to the mountain behind the temple. In the evening the Panchamoorthys would wake up to the hall near the pole called kodi maram. Then god will appear and come as Arthanarisvara near the hall.

When a agni Akanda lamp lit in front of him, the Mahadeepam agni will be mounted on the mountain. It is called that in that time Annamalaiyar appeared in the form of a torch agni. Arthanarisvara swamy will be seen only when the mahadeepam Light is mounted in mountain. He will not leave out side the shrine on other days.

Tiruvannamalai shiva mountain

Thiruvannamalai temple is said to be is 200 billion years old by the archeological. That is, this period. Researchers also say that Thiruvannamalai mountain appeared during this period. And estimate the age of Thiruvannamalai shiva mountain to be 260 crore years old. It is the oldest mountain in the world, said by the Dr. Birbal Sakani, a scientist. According to the survey, the height of the mountain is 2665 feet from sea level

If you worship to the god Lord Shiva Parvati Temple Arunachaleswarar with pure bhakthi devotion.he will gives all the wish you ask for. Any prarthana request for marriage delay, child delay, business advancement, promotion, employment or self-employment will be answered when you worship with good hearted.

Lord Shiva Parvati Temple Thiruvannamalai

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