Maha Pradosham

We are going to see thing we do on Maha Pradosham. we all go to shiva temple and worship the god. But there is right way to worship lord shiva. Now we can see the correct way of worshiping in the lord shiva temple. we go straight and look at the Shiva lingam with Nandi through the two horns and then close our eyes.

And then we graciously leave our prayer and say Namasivaya. But lot of people make the request in the nandhi hear that our prayer will lissen by nandhi. And it will straight away tell to lord shiva so our prayer everything happens true. Some people say that lord Shiva is in the middle of Nandi’s horns so that may be the reason why he says it happens immediately.

But the main reason is there may be some mistakes in the construction of temples in these days. In ancient old temples you can see through the horns of Nandi You must seen the Shiva lingam. When you see the Shiva image from this way. The correct image of Lord Shiva must be seen to you and look at it So be sure to do the worship in this way.

Let’s look at Maha Pradosa the Pradosa period is usually like that from four thirty to six o’clock. During this time we go to our Shiva temple and worship there. We get all the benefits and benefits of doing good deeds & Joy. This day our karmic reactions are dumbfounded a thousand times more fruitful when we worship from fasting all day long.

We will get many benefits if we do puja with lum. Do not eat anything from fasting to evening on this day It is very good not to say anything. Go to Shiva temple in the morning and look at your other works. If you dont have no big jobs. Chant the Om Namasivaya mantra telling over and over again.

At four thirty in the evening Go to the Shiva temple and worship Ganesha.And lord shiva darshan and buy what you can in the anointing. Pray to Lord Shiva there. Sit there in meditation for two or three hours. You can end this fast of yours as it will have many benefits for us through these powers which have begun to descend beyond you.

All the hardships that can destroy our karma and all our sins. The only reason for all our sins is that the hardships that befall us are not available to us are the sins that have betrayed us. The only thing that can be done in this life is to be able to give all this happiness to us when it is done like this.

We will get life like Indra it mentioned that all the pleasures necessary for this life attain by this way. If you not able to go to temple at the time you worship alone is enough to look from good intentions get many benefits.

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