mahalakshmi song lyrics tamil powerful

Mahalakshmi song lyrics tamil

Mahalakshmi song lyrics tamil Goddess Lakshmi Devi, is the lord of money, she is common to all. she wont say I will bless him, I will bless her. she never says enough. Whoever worships her with pure devotion and bhakthi , she will truly give all the wealth and money.

She knows what to give them or her according to the good qualities. Depending on their good qualities on, their wealth will always be the same or grow.

There is a way how to worship goddess Mahalakshmi and our good qualities in us, that bring us the money and wealth what we deserve. Lighting the lamp is a very much loved by goddess Mahalakshmi. its like Mahalakshmi is staying in that burning light in the lamp.

One should do this lighting the lamp every day in their house to have money always with them. And that was said in our hindu spiritual science.

You dont have Poverty in your home by lighting the lamp in home every day. You will be able to understand well if you listen to this song meaning that comes in tamil language.

If you sing this song every Friday, with sure that Goddess Mahalakshmi will come and give you the wealth. Let see the about the song which comes down.

The maha laxmi song in tamil

thiruve en illam varuvaye,

thirumalin devi,

pankajalosani parama thabari,

Kamala Manohari Karunakari nee,

enkum thigalum eniya porpadam,

engal illathil padindeda vendum

pillaikal etannai thavaru saidadum

talliye verupadu thaiyunalaga

ullam uvandu orupadi selvam

alli tharuvai vellikelamaiyel

amma unnai vendi nendrom

arulod porulum tharuvai neeye

engal illam varuvai amma

endrum inbam tharuvai amma.

you should sing this mantra (song)on every friday evening when you lightening the lamp.You should do this with pure devotion on the friday.

There is no restriction in sing this song we can sing this song how many time we want goddess mahalakshmi will definitely bless you.its like the child is requesting the mother to get the good and comfortable life

No matter how many dosha, or the planetary positions are not good in your horoscope, even if the bad time surround us, goddess mahalakshmi will remove all your hurdels and give you exactly what you need from a mother to do. You can sing this song even if the lights are on in the morning.

You will get the blessings of goddess Mahalakshmi by do it every Friday like this regularly. Place the five rupee coin of Goddess Mahalakshmi during Friday Puja. Put the salt in a bowl like that.By Doing this it will definitely give you better and good results


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