Naganathaswamy temple – Rahu Ketu Temple Peraiyur

Naganathaswamy temple – Rahu Ketu Temple Peraiyur

Naganathaswamy temple – Rahu Ketu Temple Peraiyur. The king of snakes nagarajan worshipped in this place that is why lord is called as Naganathar. The special thing about this temple. When you do milk abishekam to lord, once the milk touched the lord it will turn in to blue colour. This is the miracle you can see in this place. In the tresha yugam lord Brahma joined all holy river in this temple pond and take bath in this theertham. And got dharshan of lord Shiva.


Lord Surya dev worshiped in this temple. Devthas head Indra get relief from his shap in this place. Nagaraj worship here and a person who suffer for his paap. He offered sambarani to lord Shiva in this temple his suffering were reduced

If you worship Naganathaswamy in this temple you will get everything what ever you want to get. Instead of going to thirunageswaram for Rahu dosha , and going Kalahasthi for ketu dosha you can come to this temple in peraiyur and take dharshan of Nagaraj. You can remove two plantes dosha here. If you have any interruption in marriage you can come here and clear all of your dosha in marriage. Or you have mangalya dosha and child birth people’s can come here and clear all their dosha here.

If you’re prayer is fulfilled you can offer idol of Nagaraj made of stone in the temple

Rahu Ketu Temple Special

In this temple Lord Shiva bestows blessings as a self-portrait (suyambu lingam). Here you can see trishul in the side wall of the pond when the water level dropped it can be seen. When the water level is same to the trisul in the Tamil month of panguni in meena lagna. There is some sound is hearing from the waters. In normal time you can not hear that sound.

Annamalaiyar on the outer side back wall of the shine, Brahma in the north and goddess Kajalakshmi and lord (Murugan) Subramanian on the west. There are Chandikeswarar and goddess durga on the north.

There was a  large walls. In that you can see idol of nagar are lined up on it. Holy theertham is located opposite of the temple. Inside there is large hall with  two gates on the east and west. You can see temple gopuram on the both gates.

Going through the large hall you can see flagpole, palipeed, and the Nandhini idol. Next the first thing you see is the theertham) Pushkarani in the form of ‘Om’. This is a holy Pushkarani.  From this the theertham is taken for the abishekam of the lord Shiva. A trishul mark appears on the side wall when the water level drops.

The God and goddess appeared suyambu in   Moolastanam , and it was Arthamandapam, Mahamandapam known. If you come out of moolastanam  Natarajar and Sivagami are facing south . Datsinamoorthy  is in south facing. In the western, Kasi Vishwanathar and Visalachchi are there.

Naganathaswamy Temple Timings of opening

Morning 06.00am to 11.00am Evening 04.00 pm to 08.00 pmSri

Naganathaswamy Temple contact number

+91 04322221084, +919486185259

Peraiyur Sri Naganathaswamy temple – Raagu Kaetu Temple Address

Peraiyur Sri Naganathaswamy temple – Raagu Kaetu – 622404, Tamilnadu, India
















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