Nandi Bull Lord Shiva Vehicle how this name came?

Nandi Bull Lord Shiva Vehicle

Nandi bull lord shiva vehicle .Nandi Thevar received this name from Lord Shiva as his name. He is the leader all Shiva moments. Nandi is the only one who knows all about Sivagams.

Lord Shiva taught the Sivagams to Nandi Deva (nandi bull) and blessed on him. The child found by Silader In lord Shiva temples, Nandi Devar, who sits majestically in front of the planet Karpakkira, is called Darumavidai The absence or destruction in Daruma.

Easwaran sits on that Nandi so that it can reach the Lord in the form of Vita (Taurus). Daruma bears the Lord. It is the breath that gives him life.

The Story Of shiva nandi

The story of Nandi, who has a divine form, of a forehead, four arms,and a cane fracture in hand, and wig, with moon, and a blue continent, an elephant, and a deer on both sides.

A sage by the name of Veethahavyar, in his childhood know in advance by Yamadutas that there will be a punishment for eating a large rock after the death the evil throwing a stone in the role of the mother of Sivanadiyar, he eat the rock before he died and got rid of sin. That’s why he got

name ‘Silatha Sage’. His ancestors were in hell because some of the sages have failed to fulfill the patriarchal debt for having a child after marriage. sage repented He married a woman named Chithravathi and had no children.

sages had a deep devotion on Lord Aiyarappar who is on the Thiruvaiyaru place. Silatamunivar, who was very saddened by the infertility for many years, He anointed his living fivefold and repented. He prayed for a son.

Lord exclaimed

Lord exclaimed, Some sage asked him If you want a son like me you have to perform the Putrakameshti Yaga. When the Yaga done on a box will appear. A child will found in it. He has only sixteen lives. Take him! ” Thiruvai blessed in amazement.

sages were very happy to chant Shiva. The advice of agitated Sage Indra, he went to Sri Saila mount and started to perform the Buddha Kameshti Yaga, and found a child in Sivarupa Sundarana in the golden box

He see and worshiped a statue of child with four hands and three eyes. Aiyarappar again said the , Sage to Open the box. ” Ammurti removed the previous form of statue and became beautiful baby shape.

Sage and wife Chitravathi were happy to see the child. That child is Nandi Perumana(nandi bull). Siladar name the child Nandi because he found a way Silatar’s anxiety and make him happy. The sage and his wife raised the child by naming him Sebesuvar. In the age of fourteen, sebesuvar had mastered the arts, including Scriptures

Nandi had learn all the Shastras at an early age. This situation, the sage Silatha was upset when Mitran and Varun came to Silathar’s house and told Silathar that Nandi’s life was still one year and came to an end.

Shiva Temple

Sebesuvar came to the Shiva temple and offered his condolences to the parents who were sad to lose this beautiful and intelligent man in one more years. Prayed the Lord shiva. He asked to give him a long life and fulfill his parents’ wishes.

After taking bath in the Ionic Theertham (pond) he stood on one leg with his feet in the deep water and started chanting om nama shivaya mantra.

Lord shiva, who was happy with Sebesuvar, prayer he came to him and blessed him long life. He gave the Sebesuvar a long and stable life. He also blessed the sixteen immortals, as the Sebesuvar had asked.

The strong prayer made by Sebesuvar his body get wounded lord shiva had made his wounded cure by bring water from brahma kamandalam, parvathi breast milk, sky water with this lord shiva himself pour these cure of his wounded body

Nandhi Marriage

sage want his son sebesuvar get married so he search for the girl and he find the daughter of sage vashishta and the sister of sage upamanyu.

On the auspicious day the wedding ceremony of sebesuvar took place in the Thambeswarar temple in front of god shiva and goddess parvathi. Lord shiva finally made sebesuvar as the adhikara nandi head of all shiva gana and made him to to sit in before shiva in all temple to protect the main temple

one of the place worshipping lord nandi and shiva is in sculpture carved in black stone in the place attur place in tamilnadu nagapattinam district mandaravaneswarar temple one who perform
prayer in the pradosa period to lord nandi he can get relief of all problems in life

Nandi job is to tell your prayers to lord shiva thats why people you can see telling there wishesin nandhi ears that

lord nandi will deliver all your wishes to lord shiva that will fulfill very soon

Nandi pradosa pooja

Nandi pradosa pooja is performend monthly twice on the evening in all shiva temple during this time the pooja was done to lord nandi if have any type of problems.

We join this pooja on that calendar day to get relief from our obstacle during this puja people will offer rose water sandal milk flower and some other thing for abishek

which they can give surutapalli shiva temple is very famous for this which is in andhra pradesh tamilnadu border on the way to tirupati from chennai

places were very famous for pradosa kala puja are

chennai koyembedu kurunkaleeswara temple

surutapalli shiva temple

kabaleswarar temple chennai

kumbeswarar temple kumbakonam

if you go to pradosa puja on saturday when pradosa kala comes you will get puniya for nine days you attending the pradosa puja so dont miss to go on saturday when it comesplease don’t forget to comment on the comment box it will motivate us to bring more truth about hinduism and please sahre to your friends if you like this

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