One line chintamani mantra

If you say this one line mantra, this will give you want you want. and also this is a Agora mantra. This chintamani mantra you haave to chant this mantra with devotion this will make a chaanges in us from the first day. You start chanting this magical mantra. Chintamani mantra meaning is the mantra which gives you all and fullfill your wishes is called as chintamani mantra. This mantra has lot of shakthi which gives you just like mother goddess shakthi. Dont start this mantra chanting that I am starting to know and this effort is futile.It is Enough to tell you like to say this mantra in general. So you know the change from the first day when you started your right wishes requests are fulfilled so do it with full confidence.
You should start this mantra in in early morning in the brahma mukurtha time. This is early morning 04.00am to 06.00am before sun rise you should take bath in early morning. And come to your puja room or you can sit in the room which you dont have any distubance sit in the noth facing position. When you are starting this mantra before fourty eignt hours you shoul not eat Non-vegetarian food and alcohol or should not do any bad things. Put a rug on the floor, and keep water near to sit on the rug or in the blanket sit in the asana position. Now as you can pull your breath in through your nose while reciting this mantra which is like increasing the power. Pull in and gently pronounce this mantra and exhale that breath 108 times the same can be said slowly release when you exhale as well as it is the same Mantra to pray is something that once used now we can see the mantra
” Om Sreem Klim Sreem ”
This is the mantra for you This is a very powerful mantra. This is the first mantra that can given Deeksha to the people who wants to learn tantra. Finish reciting this mantra without moving your lips or tongue slowly in your heart. The same do in the night say this mantra 108 times and then you can go to sleep with yourself. You can wash your face and hands there wont be any problem in that. This mantra you said in the morning of the first day you know many changes. That day If you thought to did something important thing. During that time you will definitely get success in that work and your face will be glowing from first day benefit will be seen. Be like that and everyone will come to you and talk to you and see the difference. A magic with a very powerful vibe.
Telling the mantra right ones. Do the chanting very slowly without any hurry as well as saying the magical mantra in very slow. That is, how long can you hold your breath? It will take an one hour to complete the exhalation 108 times after you have said as much as you can if you say so. You can calculate the mantra and time .Definitely know the first day good change.

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