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padaleeswarar temple history

padaleeswarar temple history.Worshiping this temple once is equivalent to worshiping 16 times in Kashi. One such famous and powerful site is the Tirupatipulliyur Padaleswarar Temple located at Tirupatipuliyur in Cuddalore district. It is the place where the song was sung by Sambandar Upper. It is the 229th of 274 shrines.

There is a myth that worshiping the Lord in Kashi 16 times and worshiping once on this site is equivalent to offering it eight times in Thiruvannamalai and offering it three times in Chidambaram. Here is the self-portrait of Lord Shiva.

This is the place where Agathiyar Vyakkirapatha Sage Upa Maniyarasan was worshiped. This is the site where the song was sung by Manikkavasagar Thirunavukkarasar Sambandar. Cuddalore Patalieswarar Temple is a place of worship for husband and wife unity. If we spray the Sivaganga Theertham in this temple, our dream will come true.

Those who seek the blessing of the child build a cradle and worship. Navukkarasara can be seen standing with a plow in any other temple. Here only the swamis are seated in solitary confinement.

The temple is usually adjacent to the Amman Sannathi in the Shiva temples. There is no temple where it is a specialty that the goddess wakes up palliyarai everyday and is nowhere to be found.

Sivaganga Theertham is the theertham in this temple. This is the place where Shiva Siddhartha came and laid his hands on this. It contains a component of the Ganges. The power of this theertham is very high as it is located in the Isaniya corner.

Inscriptions on the perimeter walls of the temple indicate that the temple was built by the Cholas 1100 years ago. This temple was later renovated  by the Pallava kings and the Pandya dynasty.

Padaleeswarar History

Let’s look at the history of this place. Once lord shiva and Parvati played a Sokkattan in the kailaya. Many times shiva brags that failure is for the great but victory is for himself.

Parvati, who was having intercourse with him, covered her eyes with her hands for a while. Shiva’s eyes are the sun and the moon. The world was dark because they were and all actions stopped.

The goddess repented and apologized to the world for the torment she had caused to the world for a while due to her sporting activities. Lord Shiva ask parvathi to go to the boologam and worship the shiva temple there and on that site the left eye and the left shoulder would beat on that site. He will bless her to clear all badness caused.

In the same way, when the Goddess visited many places and came to the open place as a priest’s forest, her left eye was resting on her left shoulder, so she stayed in this place and worshiped the Lord without any image. Arundhava Nayaki Sannathi is the place where Ambika Arupa performed penance in the form of Aruka on the entire Durga Coast next to the Rajalashmi Sannathi while the Lord was walking around the sanctum sanctorum in the temple.

Temple Structure

The temple is located on the east side of the Rajagopuram. Adjacent to the Rajagopuram is the Sivagangai Theertham with fine departments with a front hall and a five level Rajagopuram next to it. There are numerous sculptures in the tower. If you cross the gate, you can see the altar, the altar, the copper-plated flagpole, etc.

After completing the exterior, Dwara Ganesha Subramanian crossed the second gate of worship and turned to the left. In the inner circle, the moon and the Thirunavukkarasar  place and there were separate sannyasis next to it.

Inside the shrine, the head Ganesha next to the 63 shrines with the name of the kanni Ganesha is shown with the priest holding a flower in his hand as he helps while worshiping Lord Ambika.

Meenakshi Sundareswarar Sannidhi Valli Deivanai Sametha Arumugar Sannidhis are the lingams worshiped by Ursavath Thirumeni Vyagrapadar Agathiyar. The majestic Adi Patri tree is shielded and guarded. If you worship Dwara Balagara, you can visit Padaleswarar here where Lord Shiva bestows blessings as a deity.

This is also the place where the sage Pulikkal performed penance. Due to this, the town got its name from the priestly tree patirippuliyur. Ithalam is one of the Panchaputra sites. At this point Arumugapperuman sat with one leg folded over the peacock facing north. Is rising towards the east. The two depict Valli Deyvan standing nearby.

Arunagirinathar worshiped Itala Murugapperumana and sang the song. Thirunavukkarasarai Pallava king Mahendravarman AD 606 130. When the king listened to the Camanar speech and threw the Upper tied to the stone into the sea. Upper swamis to sing the praises of Namasivaya as the Namasivaya is the best of the sea-bouncers. They turned the stone into a boat, floated in the sea and came ashore. The people of the city went to welcome him with wonder love. Even today, the place where it was washed away by the sea is better known as karaiyera vitta Kuppam.


Puliyur Cuddalore is located at a distance of about half a kilometer from the Tirupatipulliyur Cuddalore Railway Station and about a kilometer from the Cuddalore Bus Stand.

padaleeswarar temple timings

The temple is open from 5 am to 12 noon and from 4 pm to 8 pm

padaleeswarar temple history Cuddalore

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