padikasu nathar temple kumbakonam

padikasu nathar temple kumbakonam

Padikasu Nathar Temple Kumbakonam. Chornapuriswarar Padikasunathar Goddess Alagammai Savundaranayaki is a place where we can go to get rid of debt and prosper. At the Padikasunathar Sanctuary, take two coins, that is, ten rupees, twenty rupees or 50 rupees.

If we give two note to the gurukal he will keep that on the swamy padam and give one note to us. we have to bring that money to our home and have to do puja to that it will give us the wealth to clear all our debt.

This Swamy came is in the western face of the place and sang by Sambandar Upper Sundarar. The place where the famous Nayanar, one of the 63 Nayans, was born, raised, worshiped and attained salvation. Nayanmar Sivachariyar stumbled and fell down while performing pooja and then Shiva’s head was slightly damaged on one side. When he saw it, he was heartbroken and cried.

When Swami comes before to him, said the reason is that poverty. I will put a pound of gold for a prosperous life to get rid of poverty,  take a pound of money through live a prosperous life to get rid of poverty.

If we can get rid of debt consolidation problems, we can do better if we aslo go to this temple. Unmarried women get married to men as soon as possible and have the privilege of having a child.

Beyond the Rajagopuram, there are shrines of Lord Ganesha. In the Moolavar Sannathi Koshtam there are Brahma Linkodpavar Datsinamoorthy. Nearby is the Chandikeswarar Sannathi. To the right of the Moolavar Sannidhi is the Amman Sannathi. Seen in the back Sorna Byrver kala Byrvar Navagrahas This is all there is to it.

History of padikasu nathar

Normally seen Perumal is blessed with a conch wheel but Lord Murugan in Ithalat is blessed with a conch wheel. Let’s see how the pride came along. Once upon a time Lord Shiva sent Murugan to destroy the monsters to increase their trouble so Lord Murugan told him to leave for this Murugan got Ashtram from Lord Shiva gave him many weapons. Thirumal gave his conch wheel and killed the asuras Murugan who went with weapons.

Based on this event, Lord Murugan is shown with a sword in his hand, a shield, a bow, an arrow, a knife, a scepter, a weapon, a scepter and Tirumal’s weapons with a conical wheel. The Murugan conch wheel is his main weapon in this temple. Kalyanasundara Shanmuga Subramanian then calls him sitting on a peacock. Nearby are the Valli deities and the Om form is more special. Nearby is the Mahalakshmi Sanctuary.

Once when Brahma went to the kailaya, he did not notice Murugan there. Murugancalled Brahma and asked “Who are you?”. Brahma not only introduced himself to him but also proudly said that he was the creator of the world. Murugan asked him if he was doing  creative work based on which mantra. Brahma said that I do the work of creation based on the Pranava mantra of Om.

Murugan immediately asked for an explanation for the mantra which Brahman did not know. So Murugan cub in his head snatched his post. Knowing this, Shiva asked Murugan to give him the post of Brahma.

When Lord shiva asked Lord Murugan to explain the explanation of  Pranava mantra, Lord Murugan explained and then Lord Shiva again asked to handed over the post to Lord Brahma to appease him.

Although Brahma did not know the meaning of Pranava, Murugan regretted to punish the elder Brahma, so he repented at Ital to apologize for the mistake. Shiva gave him the scene and advised him not to make a mistake but not to punish anyone who would point out the mistake. He is the one who has arisen here spontaneously. This is the history.

padikasu nathar temple address


padikasu nathar temple is located at a distance of 6 km from Kumbakonam on the Thiruvarur main road in the village of Alagaputhur in the village.

padikasu nathar temple kumbakonam

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