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cancer sign dates.  Tiruvatikai Veerattaneswarar Temple is one of the oldest temples in the Cuddalore district. On the exterior of the temple are some rare important basic information about the 12 zodiac and 27 stars which are kept as contemporary inscriptions. Lord of each zodiac lucky day lucky number of lucky dates lucky color lucky … Read more

shree rangam temple lord ranganathar

Shree rangam temple lord ranganathar Shree rangam temple lord ranganathar. How many sacrifices have our ancestors made for the resurrected deities in the temples we worship. This is especially so because the atrocities unleashed during the Muslim emperor invasion were not insignificant and they considered the Lord they worshiped above their own lives.  Srirangam  are … Read more

padaleeswarar temple history | Cuddalore

padaleeswarar temple history padaleeswarar temple history.Worshiping this temple once is equivalent to worshiping 16 times in Kashi. One such famous and powerful site is the Tirupatipulliyur Padaleswarar Temple located at Tirupatipuliyur in Cuddalore district. It is the place where the song was sung by Sambandar Upper. It is the 229th of 274 shrines. There is … Read more

Girivalam rasi lingam Tiruvannamalai

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Girivalam rasi lingam Tiruvannamalai Girivalam rasi lingam Tiruvannamalai. Today we are going to visit the eight lingams around the Annamalaiyar Temple Tiruvannamalai. In this post we will give you in full what is the mythological history behind  these eight lingam and also about the general benefits that can come if any of these eight lingams … Read more

Sarabeswarar temple in Chennai Koyambedu

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Sarabeswarar temple in Chennai Koyambedu Sarabeswarar temple in Chennai Koyambedu. We are going to see about Arulmigu Aramvalarthanayaki Eeswarar Kurungaleeswarar Temple in koyembedu chennai. The temple is located very close to the crowded koyembedu market. Another special feature is that there is no place for koyembedu people anywhere else. God is nowhere to be found … Read more

padikasu nathar temple kumbakonam

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padikasu nathar temple kumbakonam Padikasu Nathar Temple Kumbakonam. Chornapuriswarar Padikasunathar Goddess Alagammai Savundaranayaki is a place where we can go to get rid of debt and prosper. At the Padikasunathar Sanctuary, take two coins, that is, ten rupees, twenty rupees or 50 rupees. If we give two note to the gurukal he will keep that … Read more

History of Lepakshi Veerapathiraswamy Temple

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History of lepakshi Veerapathiraswamy Temple History of lepakshi Veerapathiraswamy Temple. This post is not only a record of sculptures that those involved in temple sculpture painting must visit but also a magnificent temple with many wonders. Today we are going to see all about the Lepakshi Veerapathiraswamy Temple, which is 16 km away from Bangalore … Read more