palani murugan temple history

palani murugan temple history


palani murugan temple history. Palani lord Murugan Temple is the 3rd holy shrine in the six holy shrines of Lord Murugan . The Palaniandavar ( lord Murugan) idol in the Moolasthan was built by Bogar Siddhar, it is a navapashanam idol . People eat the Prasad which is done abhishekam to lord Murugan there disease will be cured. The Palani mountain is fully filled with natural medical herbs. This Palani mountain is also called as thiru avinankudi.

Palani is the mountain name .  The town which is located in the foot of this hills is also called as Palani. The name Palani  came because of lord Murugan come to this mountain. As he got angry with his father lord Shiva for not giving the fruit to him. After winning the race between him and lord ganesha his brother. Lord Shiva came here and called lord Murugan as palam ( fruit ) nee ( you ) in tamil. And as time runns palam+ nee called as Palani.

Near the Palani temple, there is a theertham Saravana Poigai it was created by Lord Murugan. And inside the shrine you can see goddess Mahalakshmi, Kamadenu, Suriya dev, Bhumadevi, Agni dev. Lord Shiva and goddess Umadevi (parvati) was feeling sad because of lord Murugan left the kayilayam. Anandam refers lord Murugan the word “Sat” which comes in the name of “Sachchidanandam” it refers to the Lord Shiva, and the word “Sid” refers to Goddess Parvati.

palani murugan

Rishi agstiyar who came to podigai hills and stayed. He called idumbasuran and asked him to bring two hills sivagiri and shaktigiri for his worship. These hills represent the lord shiva and goddess Parvati which is found in kandan (Murugan) place in Mount Kailash.  Idumbasura was great devotee, went to mount kailash with his wife idumbi and brought two hills. Hanging two sides of the large pole on his shoulder this know as (kavadi).

Lord Murugan wants to keep these two hills in Thiruvavani. He came in the form of king and stood before idumban as he is not able to find the way. He brought idumban to Thiruvavani. And asked him to keep the hills side and told him to take rest for sometime. After taking rest idumban try to take the kavadi (hills) but he couldn’t able to lift the kavadi. He found the reason that small boy is standing in the top of the sivagiri hills.

Idumban asked the small boy to get down but he refused to do. Idumban got angry and had fought with that boy with out knowing he was lord Murugan. Idumban was defeated by lord Murugan and was unconscious. By knowing this rishi agstiyar and idumbi came to that place and prayed to lord Murugan. To bring back idumban Murugan was pleased and blessed idumban with new life.

Thiru Avinankudi Temple is placed in the foot hills of Palani mountain in the banks of the Vaiyapuri Lake. At the northeast of the temple there is Saravana Poigai . Devotees who come to see lord Murugan will go and take bath in this river. In Thiru Avinankudi temple, Murugan is seen as a child Velayutha Swami with a peacock.








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