panayapuram temple Shakthi Ambigai Sametha Panangattiswarar

panayapuram temple Shakthi Ambigai Sametha Panangattiswarar

We are going to look at the middle Shiva shrine where Thevara song was sung by the most powerful Thirugnanasambandar which is more than 1300 years old. First let’s take a look at what makes this powerful temple special. The site of the first special for eye sight disorder. The second soorya parikara stalam. The third special? A special place where the sun rays fall on Lord shiva goddess parvathi  together for seven days. The site of the salvation of the Fourth Special  Sibichakravarti.

Which of these temples is located in Panayapuram in Villupuram district. Arulmigu Shakthi Ambigai Sametha Panangattiswarar Temple is we are going to see in this post.  The first seven days of the month of Chittirai, the first day of Chittirai, and the seventh day of Chittirai are the places where sun lord  worships the Panangattiswarar.

History for sun worship

Once upon a time, Dakshan made a velvi, a velvi that could come out and insult Lord Shiva with the presence of the thirty-three croes gods. So Lord Shiva refused to go to Ambal. But parvathi  go to Dakshan’s Yagakunda and ask for Shiva’s share. Dakshan refuse to give his valvi share. Thus the angry Ambal  jumped into Yagakundathula and took his own life. So angry Shiva sends Agora Veerapathira and tells him to destroy everyone in the place. The Agora Veerapathira starts beating all the deities.

The sun smiles from above as everyone was punished on seing this swami punidhed the sun. On this sun loose all his teeth and his shrine. Sun came to know his mistake and asked sorry for that. Lord shiva askedhim to worship in this shine to get out of cruse. Thus he got relife from his cruse and got his brightness again.  In this place you will get the perfect grace of the sun to remedy the imperfections of the sun.

Sibichakravarti During the time he was growing up, his fame went along with everywere. So devta they want to test him, then the gods decide to test like. Agni came in the form of dove  Indra and come as eagle. Sibi emperor see dove in his palace is hit hard and the eagle chases it. Sibisakravarti eagle came to his eyes and asked the king this my food today if you save it what would i eat.

For this king gives his flesh as same weight of dove but the eagle ws not satisfied becaues eagle first eats the eyes of any animal. After this king takes his eyes and gives to eagle. he prove himself and get moksha in thia place.

Temple Location

This Shiva place is located at a distance of 8 km from Villupuram and 2 km from the Mundiyambakkam railway station on the Chengalpattu Villupuram railway line.The nearest town is Villupuram. If you take a bus from Villupuram to Puducherry via Thiruvananthapuram, you can get off at our side. Those who come from Chennai after crossing Vikravandi for anything beyond Tindivanam. If you take the road on the left to Panruti Kumbakonam, you will come to Panayapuram Kudro at a distance of 2 km. If you turn left here, this temple is very close.


Temple Address Arulmigu Panangattiswarar Temple Panayapuram Post Mundiyambakkam Villupuram Circle Villupuram District Pincode 605601

Temple Timing

This temple is open from 6 am to 12 noon and from 4 pm to 8 pm


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