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Patteeswaram Durga Devi Temple. The town of Patticharam was intact and is now known as Pattiswaram. It seems that this Pattiswarar had the name Thirumalapadi. Pattiswaram village famous temple Sri Ambigai Sametha Thenupuriswarar Temple. Patteeswaram temple is located at a distance of 8 km southwest of Kumbakonam in Pattiswaram. Pattiswaram Thenupuriswarar Temple is located at a distance of 3 km from the Swamimalai Murugan Temple.

Pattiswaram temple is derived from the fact that the place was named Pattiswaram because the daughter of the goddess Camden worshiped the Lord at stalam. The Shiva temple at the base of a temple full of artifacts seen by the Thenupuriswarar Temple is 6 19 feet long on the east and west and 792 feet on the south and north. The temple has three pragara in 5 large towers. The main tower has seven levels of view, and the other towers have five levels.

The Moolavar Pattiswarar Sannidhi is located in the central hall of the first precinct of the temple. Everything you go out Shiva temple same model Somaskandar Sapta Kanni Mahalakshmi Chandikeswarar Natarajar Suriyaan Renukadevi Sorna Ganesha Not only such gods but also Navagrahas another kind of idols can you see and worship.

Each of the pillars in the hall is designed in a different pattern. In the middle of the hall, there is a stone swing chain above which the single stone wheel is set to rotate. This is a revision with a lot of very intricate sculptures. Parasakthi chooses the place to do penance and come to worship the Lord shiva. It is a special place where Lord gives a display to Parasakthi for his meditation. Vishwamitra Sage Gayatri was blessed with the title of Brahmarishi.

patteeswaram temple history

Rama created a well called Kodi Theertham with the tip of his bow and anointed the Lord with the water of Hatti Tosha caused by killing Vali. Where can you go to see the lingam where Rama worshiped and even that well.

In addition to that, the dog form caused by the curse of the metavi sage to the brahman Dharma Sharma of the Malwa nation, Gnanavavi Theertham in Ithalam, was removed due to a drop of water. There are five nandhi at stalam, which is another important thing to see in this temple.

Another important and powerful thing is the Durga Durga Sanctuary at the north gate of the Pattiswarar Temple. In the time of the Chola kings, there was a palace in Palaiyara where the royal ladies lived. After their period, it was brought to this temple and worshipped.

patteeswaram temple Pooja

Pattiswaram Durga is best worshiped during the Rahu season, Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays, Ammavasai Full Moon Days, and Ashtami Navami Tithi. Durga is blessed here as a serene scorpion in the form of grace with eight hands. Mother stands on a Makishan head with a lion vehicle. Simmavaganam to the left of this Durga carries a conch wheel with an abaya hand, an arrow, a sword, a shield, and a parrot. Durga is something more special than this temple.

If Meenakshi is the deity of the Pandya kings, then Pattiswaram Durga will be the deity of the entire Chola dynasty. The Shiva lingam here was dedicated by Rama. The temple was rebuilt by the Chola Pallava Nayaka kings. Although Rama is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama is dedicated to Lord Shiva in only three places, one of which is the Pattiswarar Temple.

This Pattiswaram Durga is a belief that if people with Rahu doshas come to this temple during Rahu and visit it, the doshas will be remedied, and good deeds will be done. Worshipers of Durga worship on Sundays, New Moon, and Ashtami Navami Tithi for Rahu Ketu Tosha and to get the blessings of marriage and children for whatever they want to worship.

What kind of worship can you do? Then you can have a lemon garland. You can light a lemon lamp. You can make a sari for your mother. You can also buy something for it when the anointing takes place. Karthika Monday 1008 Sangabhishekam is going on for Swami.

patteeswaram Durga temple timing

Patteeswaram temple is open daily from 6 am to 12 noon and from 4 pm to 9 pm

patteeswaram Durga Devi temple


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