Rameshwaram Temple God Ramanathaswamy

Rameshwaram Temple God Ramanathaswamy

Rameshwaram Temple God Ramanathaswamy. Kasi in the north has so much fame, glory and splendor Rameswaram, located in the south of Tamil Nadu, is equally famous, proud and special. What makes a temple a powerful place is that the source of the temple was consecrated by whom.

The main attraction of the temple is the tomb of the Siddhar sages. The molavar (lingam) of the Ramanathar temple  was pradista by Lord Rama. In the third section of the temple is the tomb of Sage Patanjali, who is considered to be the father of the yoga arts. By this there is no doubt as to why this temple is so special and famous.

Rameswaram derives its name from the place where Lord Rama was consecrated and worshiped. Of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples in India, this is the only Jyotirlinga temple in South India. This is the 198th shrine out of 274 shrines to receive the devotional song of Thevaram to Lord Shiva.

Thirugnanasambandar Thirunavukkarasar Arunagirinathar is a special place sung by four great sages. It is the Sethu peda of the 51 Shakti peda. For example, Rameswaram is a holy place worshiped by the devotees as Sethram. Rameswaram is a place of worship revered by devotees as the Vishnu Sivamaya Sethiram, an example of the unity of Saiva and Vaishnavism.

The fact that Moolavar Ramanatha, who resides in the sanctum sanctorum, was designed by Sita and worshiped by Rama is a feature not found in any other temple. Since Rama is a place of worship, the Theertham of Perumal is offered in the shrine of Lord Shiva

22 Theerthams (kund)

 Rameswaram is one of the few temples that has the distinction of being the stala , Murthy, Theertham. Ramanathaswamy Temple Theertham is very special. There are 22 theerthams in the form of a pond and a well. These 22 theerthams represent the 22 arrows of Sri Rama.

It is said that every devotee should bathe in these theerthams before going to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Hanuman’s tail scar can still be seen on this Shivalinga. There are historical references that this is a tail scar trace that occurred when trying to remove the Ramalingam to dedicate the lingam brought from Hanuman Kasi.

To the left of the Ramalinga Swami Sannathi is the Kasi Viswanathar Sannidhi. This is the Shivalinga dedicated to Hanuman. There are a lot of connections between Adisankar and Rameswaram. The biggest surprise was the Rameswaram pilgrimage to Sardam, which he organized.

Rameshwaram is the only shiva stala on the pilgrimage site of Dwarka Puri Vaishnava sites. Similarly, Adisankar has dedicated a Sri Chakra under the pedestal of Ambika Parvati, which is dedicated to Ramanathan.

Not only this, the first pujas are performed for the spadiga lingam consecrated by Adisankar at the Moolasthan and after that the pujas are performed for Ramanatha. This is the only temple in the south so close to Adisankar.

Swami Vivekananda visited the temple

On January 27, 1897, Swami Vivekananda visited the temple and paid homage to Lord Shiva. This temple is unique in its power. This temple third Pirakaram is worlds largest which has The number of pillars in the Pirakaram is 1212.

There is even a subtle thing in this number that is an area set to the number 1212. It has been said in the science of numbers that it is naturally very stimulating to a person’s spiritual development. And each of these pillars is 4 meters high, carved out of the same stone.

It is indeed an architectural marvel that so many heavy stone pillars were brought to the island during the eighteenth century when no modern transport facilities were available and the longest exterior was erected. This temple is associated with the Ramayana period and was a small temple till before the 12th century AD.

Although the temple was rebuilt by the Sri Lankan king Parakramabahu, Kumara  Kampanar of the Vijayanagara Empire, it was the Sethupathi kings who expanded and built the temple on a large scale and rebuilt Ramanathapuram. In particular, Raghunatha Sethupathi has done a lot of work for this temple.

22 Sacred Theerthams Sri Chakra and Spadikalingam, dedicated to Adisankar, are a boon to Tamil Nadu.


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