rudraksha mala rules rudraksha benefits

rudraksha mala rules

When you look at today’s world, a lot of people have a desire to wear Rudraksha. If we wear Rudratsam, then we are aspiring for something devotional and spiritual. Then let many people know. Many people who wear Rudratsam like that do not know what Rudratsam is and what they can and cannot do if they wear it. Do not even know what the glory of it is. It’s not something he’s wearing so i too put the rudraksha.

What are the benefits for the wearer of this Rudraksha? Why not wear it? How to wear it?. How do we wear in our lives? Everything has some rules. Let’s see a little bit about Rudraksha. Rudraksha then what do you know Rudraksha is like that Rudraksha can then be divided Rudran is the origin of Rudran from Lord Shiva.

According to the Puranas, Rudratsam originated from the eyes of Lord Shiva and was able to remove our sins like Lord Shiva who can be described as an ocean of mercy. Whoever wears Rudraksha, their vision will always be like that of Sivaparvati.

And Lord Shiva saves the Rudratsham wearer by sight and then tells the Puranas. Even if we see that it appeared from the eyes of Lord Shiva, the legend says that Lord Shiva repented for thousands of years without closing his eyes in order to slay the monster that tells the story.

When Shiva closes his eyes, the tears that flowed from his eyes leave the tears that fell on the earth and its seeds are Rudraksha. With this seed there will be those holes on both sides which will be nothing else.

38 types of rudraksha

There are a total of thirty-eight types of rudrakshas. His right side eye is aspect of 12 types of brown rudrakshas.

The sixteen white Rudratsam in the aspect of the moon from the left eye. There are 10 types of Rudratsams that are black from the forehead of a fire. Puranas says 38 types Rudratsa Rudratsa appeared from the eyes of the glorious Lord Shiva.

It appeared from the eyes of Lord Shiva Do you know what are the benefits of its water? Srimat Devi Bhagavatam said a lot. Even if one does not utter mantras or perform yaga, all his sins will leave him only if he wears only the auspicious rudraksha and touches it.

Important The one who gives food and clothing to one who wears Rudratsam, the one who cleanses the feet of the devotees who wear Rudratsam. And cleanses the feet, attains Shivaloka by getting rid of all kinds of sins, says Devi Bhagavatam.

It is a great privilege to give alms and cloth to the wearer of Rudraksha. It is as good as giving it to Lord Shiva. The Rudra aspect of one who wears the Rudraksha is like the aspect of Sakshat Ambika.

If a person gives food to a person who wears Rudratsam and if he eats the food. whoever eats it will be freed from his sins for twenty-one generations in the house where he eats it.

One who ate wine and meat and got down to this devotion but think of washing away that sin when Rudraksha falls on their head of the sinner that his sins will be removed says Devi Bhagavatam.

Benfeit of Rudraksha

Even if one simply holds the Rudratsa in his hand and discovers these four Vedas, he will get the benefit of bathing in all the Tirthas. If a person holds the Rudratsa in his hand at the time of death, he will attain the Rudra world even after death.

Wearing Rudratsam and following all the scriptures will get the full benefit rudraksha mala rules. One who wears the Rudratsa on your head, Does the water touching the Rudraksha. Touch his body is equals to bathing in the Ganges every day is why it is so special for those who wear the Rudraksha. Devi Bhagavad Gita says that it is special to see people wearing Rudraksha. Devi Bhagavatam says that if a person wears a rudraksha around his neck, he will get a divine look while looking at them. As all this was said by Lord Shiva, to Sri Devi is Bhagavatam.

The Rudraksha can be worn but everyone can wear it. Before tying it, soak it in cow ghee or gingille oil for a week and then wash it with water and then dip it in unboiled cow’s milk. Then put it in the prayer room. Read the five om nama shivaya (in tamil it is five letters) at least 108 times and watch a good day at the Shivalaya on Monday.

Shivalaya Anointing Worship is very special If these men are wearing Rudratsam in the throat Very special neck is very good. Anyone can wear this Rudratsat. All from a newborn to an elderly person can wear this Rudratsat.

Rudratsam Faces

It is better to wear this Rudratsa than to simply wear it with silver face gold face to face with copper. 22 on the head and one on the neck and one on the ear. There is a separate account of the thirty-two hour pujas on the neck.

You have one face, one face, one face, two faces, two faces, three faces, four faces, five faces, six faces, 7 faces, 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 face, there are many types of faces, there are many types of Rudraksha. If you say that whatever you like it will tell you the nature of the two-faced Rudraksha Goddess aspect.

Which face is special to you? Everything is usually five face. It is easily available. There are things to follow that everyone can wear. One thing I must do is to follow Namo. Those who wear Rudratsam should be very pious.

I should not put on rudratsam without devotion. Those who wear this Rudratsam must not eat non-vegetarian. Strictly avoided intoxicating tendencies so alcohol meat should definitely not be put into alcohol meat. so please be careful when you wear rudraksha.

rudraksha mala rules

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