Sarabeswarar temple in Chennai Koyambedu

Sarabeswarar temple in Chennai Koyambedu

Sarabeswarar temple in Chennai Koyambedu. We are going to see about Arulmigu Aramvalarthanayaki Eeswarar Kurungaleeswarar Temple in koyembedu chennai. The temple is located very close to the crowded koyembedu market. Another special feature is that there is no place for koyembedu people anywhere else. God is nowhere to be found with the name of Kurungaleeswarar. Not only that, the north-facing sanctum sanctorum in this temple we can  not see the north-facing sanctum sanctorum.

The temple dates back to the 12th century Kulothunga Chola period. One of the oldest and most beautiful temples in the temple complex is Sarabheswarar Puja. The children of Rama Lava Kusha living with Guru Valmiki in this place have a history. This was ramayana period history lava kusa live with their mother sita in the valmiki Ashram. childerns dont know about the real name of mother sita and rama.

Once lord rama started the  Aswamedha yaga when the horse come across the country and reached this place. Lava Kusa have cought the horse and tied the horse with iron chain inthis place. Thats is why this name came to this place as koyembedu.

When lava kusa came to know about the truth that they have fight with their father they realise the mistake. They went to valmiki maharishi to ask how to get out dosha happened for that they have fight with their father. Valmiki rishi said the sloution to pray the lord shiva to clear their dosha.

This is the stalam were lava kusa did puja to lord shiva that is why the lord name is kusalavapurieswarar later on called as Kurungaleeswarar.

Here near by vaikundanatha temple is there you can see the mother sita valmiki rishi lava kusa idol there. We are all think that lord shiva is the god who destroy every thing that is known to every one. But it is very wrong he destroys  the arrogance and delusion of our nearest and dearest.

Sarabeswarar temple

Moolavar Thirumeni Suyambu Moorthy. Sarabheswara to be outside the temple. Rahu Kala Puja is held every Sunday from 4 pm to 7 pm at Sarabheswarar Sannidan. Recite the name Om Sri Sarabheswara Nama 108 times during the Rahu period puja.  Did you see how this powerful Sarabheswarar worshiped  six weeks  and lit two lamps 9 do pradasan for the 16 pillar hall and wrote prayer in a cards and everything we thought would happen.

kurungaleeswarar temple address

To reach this temple you can come to koyembedu rohini cenima hall opposite road you can reach. or by metro train near by station koyembedu it is Walker distance from the metro station.

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