Shiridi sai temple story of sai baba

Shiridi sai temple story of sai baba

Shiridi sai temple story of sai baba.We’re going to see lord Sai Baba birth and his story. And how he had born as human being and devoted peoples in the earth.

As a god and his spiritual Maya to the people who devoted him with a true heart and pure bhakti.

In a village person called with the name of the dharkot lives with his wife and Son. Dharkot wife and children had pure bhakti with Sai Baba but the dharkot don’t have any bhakti or affection with sai baba

Dharkot wife and his son wants to see Sai Baba in Shirdi but they had doubt. If they went to Shirdi who will do the Puja to Sai Baba in home.

After knowing them wishes of his wife and son he said that he will do the Puja to Sai Baba daily.

After got a assurance from his husband dharkot. Wife and son started travel to Shirdi to have a sai Baba darshan directly.

Dharkot daily asked servant to prepare the prasad for Sai Baba. After he taking bath he will come and do the Puja to lord Sai Baba.

And keep the prasad in front of him and he will go to his office in the morning.

When he comes afternoon he will have the prasad as his lunch. This was done for two days after that, he forgot to mention his servent to prepare the prasad on third day.

He did not remember till he is in his office when he comes back to home. He comes to know that he didn’t do the Puja to Sai Baba on morning.


He had sad about what happened in morning so he wants to tell this incident to see his wife. About what happened so he started to write a letter to his wife who is in Shirdi.

But at that time his wife and son was in Shirdi in front of sai Baba. By knowing this incident that happened is by mistakenly forgot baba said to his wife that today .

I went to your home afternoon to have a lunch but I don’t have any this to eat.

Dharkot wife was confused why sai baba is telling like this but her son said to her. That today father had forgotten to do Puja to Sai Baba and keep prasad.

After two days Dharkot wife got a letter from her husband that he forgot to do morning Puja to Sai Baba on the third day so he was very sad about what happened that he had failed to do the Puja like what he had promised to his wife.

On getting this letter dharkot wife came to know about why baba had said like that. Dharkot also shown a pure bhakti with Sai Baba by promising his wife and doing the Puja with whole heartedly.

Shiridi sai temple story of sai baba

We all should do have real affection with our family members friends and relatives which is equal to the pure bhakti. Which is like dharkot shown to his wife god want’s all of us to have real affection towards our ealders and family members which is equal to the pure bhakti

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