shivaratri real story Lord shiva shivarathri story

shivaratri day

shivaratri real story Lord shiva shivarathri story

On shivaratri day we all should know this important story of lord shiva.By reading this story you will get lord shiva anugraha now we can start this story om namah shivaya

During rama yuga lord ram went to vanavash to this place called thanda karanyam forest

near to this forest the village called kamalapuram in this village

the pond named kalasarus in this pond lot of rishi will take bath and relax and do thavam near this pond.

In that sage we should want to know the sage name Vidwajihmar. this sage (rishi)

did not get married for several years and do thavam chanting gods name

During that time one of the Klastimati Rishi went to see him in person to meet him.

He had made a warm welcome to that rishi and do all the seva


Then, Kelastimati started talk to Vidwajihmar. Why are you doing thava (penance) like this even at this young age without getting married doing thavam like this you wont even get place in sorgam (heaven) not only that you will get ancestor saab (curse) he asked not only that rishi agathiyar do very aggressive thavam (penance) after his death he should go to sorgam (heaven) but he also get married to the girl named lobamuttirai which he has created self by him.

So Kelastimati asked him you should get married to my daughter vasumathi


should start your married life. listening after all the words said by kelastimathi vidwajihmar started to speak.

Vidwajihmar answer

He said i don’t want to get married i don’t want wife children in my life and i dont want any suffering. This loneliness is enough for me am doing this thavam(penance) for no worries, in my life should follow me. For this even i left my father for doing thavam and being in single my karma is following me.

Then kelastimathi rishi said my daughter vasumathi, is equivalent to panjali,seta,arundathi, anusurya,

if you want to marry my daughter what should i do for that please say he asked.

For this vidwajihmar said Markandeyar, Durvasar, Sanathkumar, Narathar lived with out getting married please tell the correct reason for that i will marry your daughter he said After that kelastimathi rishi went from there he started doing thavam on lord vishnu to know the answer for the question ask by vidwajihmar.

lord vishnu came to kelastimathi and ask the reason for his thavam. He started asking the reason for why Markandeyar,Durvasar, Sanathkumar,Narathar did not get married the lord vishnu started giving answer to his question.

Markandeyar raised a baby girl named Pumadevi and gave it to me.

Durvasar also gave Kunti five mantras for child blessing.

They also had two foster daughters

Narathar lived with a woman named Tamayanti for some time in his life.  he said he had a home too.

you go to vidwajihmar say this he will marry your daughter he said and gave blessing then kelasthimathi rishi straight away went to rishi vidwajihmar and said

the answer what lord vishnu said to him then rishi vidwajihmar said ok to marry to his daughter

after that rishi vidwajihmar and vasumathi lived a happy life.

shivaratri real story

shivaratri real story Lord shiva shivarathri story

vasumathi do thavamon lord shiva to get darshan of shiva on shivaratri day and get blessed by lord shiva

so when we read this on shivratri day we will get blessing form lord shiva and get good fortune in life

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