shree rangam temple lord ranganathar

Shree rangam temple lord ranganathar

Shree rangam temple lord ranganathar. How many sacrifices have our ancestors made for the resurrected deities in the temples we worship. This is especially so because the atrocities unleashed during the Muslim emperor invasion were not insignificant and they considered the Lord they worshiped above their own lives.  Srirangam  are a prime example of this. Srirangam Temple, located on the banks of the beautiful Cauvery River, is still an easy place to visit.

But tears well up in our eyes when we know how many devotees sacrificed to protect temple from strangers. Their devotion keeps us mesmerized. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Srirangam temple tower, which still stands tall today, is dedicated to the life of its devotees.

Everyone was well known for the southern invasion of Alauddin Khilji. In the name of invasion they annihilated the temples and plundered the wealth. As far as we know and those who have studied in history take away the Perumal who is adorned with precious gold, silver, diamonds and jewels.

They take it and submit it to the king. The king is happy to see it. But when the king’s daughter, who had come to visit, saw Perumal face, he kept the idol with him without even a moment’s hesitation, with boundless love for it.

At the same time, here in Srirangam, a woman made a habit of eating daily only after seeing Utsavara and fasting Genma. She travels to Delhi disguised as soldiers as if she could not part with it. After finding out the whereabouts of Perumal in his attempt to inform the people of his hometown about the matter without even thinking about his fast. Returns to Srirangam Tells the location of the idol to those who were deeply saddened by the loss of Swami.

Utsavara idol Delhi to Srirangam

They make many suggestions to restore that idol. Eventually the Sultan of Delhi  desire at the top of the dance songs and won the love of the king for many wonderful changes as he wished. They ask for this idol as a gift. The king takes the idol from his servants while his daughter is sleeping and gives it to them.

The next morning the princess finds out that the idol is missing and the princess boils over to her father. The princess leaves with the soldiers sent by the king to retrieve the idol. But when they arrive, the city’s idol is not found there princess dies at that moment. Devotees carrying the idol in anticipation of this turn travel around without returning home immediately and arrive at Srirangam relaxed.

Tulukka Nachiyar Sannathi is still in Srirangam temple in her memory. During the festive season during the marriage to Thirumal, the idol is well raised and a darshan is offered to Tulukka Nachiyar when Perumal crosses the shrine.

After Alauddin Khilji. By order of the father of Muhammad bin Tughluq. Invading South As the plow approached Samayapuram, all the Vaishnava devotees who heard the news left the idea of ​​escaping and became warriors carrying bows and arrows with their ambition of protecting Perumala and the temple where he lived without fearing for their lives.

Some of the devotees erected a wall in the Moolavar Sanctuary and hid it. They took Utsavara and wandered around the forest hill for 48 years. At the same time, in Srirangam, 1,500 devotees were killed by the Islamic forces without a single one. This place is in the temple premises.

Namperumal Utsavara Name

Namperumal is the name of the Utsavara in the Srirangam temple. After the establishment of Vijayanagara he takes the idol from the hiding place and takes it to the Srirangam temple. Meanwhile another similar idol is made and the worship continues. When the idol was hidden, not even one of its occupants was alive at the time. The only survivor of the previous laundry  man was the one who lost his sight.

A condition in which he too could not be directly seen and identified. On hearing this he asks those around him to bring to him the garment worn on Perumal with the mourning bonds and give him every garment he buys and sniffs it. Mark Namperumal says that Perumal is the original.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Srirangam Temple and its white tower are proof that love, affection and devotion have not changed.

shree rangam temple lord ranganathar

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