Shirdi sri sai satcharitra english

sri sai satcharitra english

sri sai satcharitra english. Sai Baba is the most pure of those who have blessed the earth. God appears on earth in order to bless the virtuous and replace the wicked when the suffering increases and the pleasure decreases. Baba is neither born nor dies Sai Baba, the incarnation of God, incarnated in the nineteenth century in the holy land of Shirdi. The first thing they saw was a deep 16 year old Boy sitting motionless under a neem tree. The most beautiful 16-year-old Boy was sitting motionless in the heat, cold, wind and storm.

The sight of a young monk seated in a state of deep yoga amazed the citizens. The light matched by the light emanating from him was enough to occupy even the moment he saw him. Any one knows where he came from, his parents or any details like where he was born.

This 16 year old Boy staying in Shirdi for three years

After he suddenly disappeared and then reappeared with a wedding party when he came back he may be about twenty years old. After that he lived for many years and attained the status of Maha Samadhi in 1918. He may have been born in 1838 AD, according to estimates made by his devotees.

When he returned, the priest affectionately called him Yasaki. Yasaki means come Sai. Since then a person called Sai has remained in our hearts as Shirdi Sai Baba. He made a dilapidated mosque his abode and named it Dwarakamayi. The famous Dwarka of Lord Krishna is a place common to all castes and religions.

There must be a reason why Baba decided to name his location Dwarakamai because it has opened its doors today to all, rich and poor, the sick, the healthy and non-religious alike.


Usually people from all walks of life, irrespective of caste or creed, visit the world of Baba Shirdi and return with his blessings and love. When Sai was a Palakan he wore a cut long gown at the waist and a turban on his head. He loved the flowers and planted lilly and marigolds in the adjoining area and nurtured them with care. Due to his tireless efforts a beautiful flower garden was created in that holy land.

This is the place where Baba’s body is buried today and the Samadhi Mandir rises. A few years before reaching the Baba Maha Samadhi, a devotee named Lakshadweep appeared in a dream and commissioned a pilgrim to build a lodge and a temple in the middle of it.

If Madhavrao Deshpande, also known as Athorama, had the same dream, Baba’s words were the same in both dreams. Build a hotel with a temple I will fulfill all the wishes of a millionaire who had a lot of wealth. He was a millionaire with a lot of wealth and he wanted ordinary people to build a place for themselves.

Baba’s words sidelined his thoughts and with proper permission began to show a mansion called Wada. The plan was to build a temple inside the hotel and install an idol of Lord Krishna in the temple.

Baba once saw a hotel under construction on the way to the Lindy Garden. Baba said as soon as the hotel was built we would use it ourselves and live there and walk and play and enjoy each other all as a divine vow.

samadhi mandir

Every word of Baba had a deep meaning and even though no one understood. Why Baba said that then after some time Baba’s words revealed the truth. Baba suddenly fell ill when the construction work. Which had been carried out with great enthusiasm and devotion, was nearing completion.

This affected the minds of the bahu shaib and caused them to grieve that Baba’s Divine Feet would not sanctify his guest house. But the merciful Baba knew the secret preferences of his devotees.

I was not comfortable in the mosque and added pride to the putti by saying his final words that keep me in the putti guest house. Baba’s body was abducted at the place mentioned in order to achieve the idol of Bhagavan krishna according to the final language of Baba.

Muralidhar became the Samadhi Mandir of Srikrishna Putti’s guest house and lives there forever forever according to his words.

The fact is that Baba’s soul lives forever where Baba fulfills the spiritual desires of every devotee who visits the Samadhi Mandir in a dream of comforting children who are praying for blessings.

sri sai satcharitra english

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