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Srikalahasti Temple Secrets

Lord Shiva’s Land Water Fire Sky Four temples associated with them are in Tamil Nadu. Kalakasti is a temple located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. A temple associated with the vayu (air). You get Mukti if you think of Thiruvannamalai Like entering Kalahasti is Mukti.

It is a wonderful place where all of our ancestors’ ballots are displayed. The source of this temple is a self-portrait (molavar). This is the 19th place among the Cauvery South Coast sites where Thevara song was sung.

Among the most ancient Shiva temples in South India. History of this temple Thousands of years ago Lord Vayupa came here to meditate for many years on Lord Shiva in front of the self-made camphor lingam.

Vayu Stala

Inspired by meditation, Lord Shiva appeared to him and gave him the boon he asked for. No longer is this lingam bearing your name and saying. That ages will pass and Kalakasti is gaining popularity as a heavenly place in the Panchaputra sites.

This vayu lingam was worshiped by Mother Parvati. Sand Base Kanchipuram Ekampareswarar Water Thiruvanaikaval fire Like Thiruvannamalai. Goddess parvathi  did medidtation on lord shiva in this temple also the history of the temple is mentioned.

Because Lord Shiva gave him a scene while he was in Kashi and gave enlightenment(Gnanam) to  mother parvati. In this temple  Ambika is blessed with the title of Gnanappungodai. This is the Gnana Shakti Peetha of the 51 Shakti Peethas of the Mother Parvati.

Also Srisakkara  located in Mother parvathi foot which is pratishta by Adisankar. As you walk around the Ambal sanctum, you will find a sculpture of three heads joined in a corner outlined on the ground in a circle. It is said to be very special to sit here and meditate as there is a powerful yantra under this place.

Under Ground Ganesha

Dedicated to Sage Agasthya, the Underground Ganesha Temple is located at the foothills of Kailasagiri. Yet this underground Ganesha is set at the level of the Ponmugali River which flows at a depth of about 30 feet.

Shiva stands on the edge of Kannappar as a testament to his devotion. From being a hunter in the forest Kannappa became one of the sixty three Nayanar of lord shiva. Because of his devotion and pure bhakthi towards lord shiva he called as Kannappa Nayanar.

The Lord here refers to it as the nanappunkotai  by time. Nakkirar Praises kayilai pati kalahastti pati eṉṟu in tamil. There are some references that one of the Pandavas, Arjuna. Came here on a pilgrimage to pay homage to the Lord shiva and visit Bharathwaja Maharishi, who was penitent at that time.

The temple is famous as the place of Rahu Ketu Parikara. This is a temple located in the Aprattatsana system. Being a place to get rid of sarpa dosha rahu time vision rahu peace Shanti etc. is specially performend in this temple.  Archery tree is the this temple tree.

Mummudich Cholapuram chola Architecture

The town is also known as Mummudich Cholapuram as the temple was rebuilt by three Cholas, Rajendran first Kulothungan and third Kulothungar. According to an inscription of the Vijayanagara emperor Krishnadevarayar dated 1516 AD, he is recorded to have built the Centennial Hall and the west tower.

The sanctum sanctorum of the temple is like a moat. For one reason or another, during the Mughal war. The original idols in the famous temples of our country were broken into and looted.

It is said that the Moolavar Sanctuary was opened some time later after the Mughals who came to loot thought that this was the real Moolavar lingam and returned without finding anything, just as they had hoped to hide the real Moolavar lingam by keeping only another lingam in front of the Moolavar so that nothing like that would happen here.

In the sanctum sanctorum is Sri Kalahastiswarar Thirumeni. The body in the Sukasana system is magnificently located with four thirukkars with deer ax carrying abhaya hastam. Moolavar (lingam) Suyambu Deendath Thirumeni ( no one touch the moolavar ). Similarly Moolavar Shivalinga  is very tall.

It has a spider shape at the base, a five-headed snake shape on top of the elephant in the middle and an Kannappar  eyelid scars are also wonderfully located. In mythology has it that the place was named Kalakasti because of the worship of the three spiders, the elephant and the snake.

It is hoped that the Saraswati Tirtha located here will be able to speak well if given as an offering to children who are naturally speechless. The two lights on the side of the door in front of the source are always moving like the wind, showing that it is a vayu stala.


Kalahasti Temple Address

Sri Kalahasteeswara Swami Vari Devasthanam,

Sri Kalahasthi,

Chittor district,

Andhra Pradesh,

Pincode – 517644

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Email :

Kalahasti Temple Website

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