Sri vaikuntanathan Perumal (Lord Vishnu) Temple

Sri vaikuntanathan Perumal (Lord Vishnu) Temple

Sri vaikuntanathan Perumal (Lord Vishnu) Temple in srivaikundam, There was an asuran (monstor) called Somukan, stole the vedas scriptures from lord Brahma. Then his creative of unniverse is came to a standstill he could not able to do his work with out veads .

He was very sad about this then Brahma prayed to Lord Vishnu on the banks of the river Tamiraparani.

Because of his prayer vishnu, appeared before him, assured him he will destroyed the rakshas (asuran). And restored the Vedas to brahma.

As he said he destroyed the rakshas and gave vedas to lord brahma. After this incident Brahma requested lord vishnu to receive the title of ” Vaikundanathar “.

In south tamilnadu , especially in Madurai and Tirunelveli district, people will name and call their children “palpandi”. This is the name of lord Perumal (vishnu) in this place. Many years ago, the temple destroyed with out any manitance of the temple .

And the idol of perumal (vishnu) was also buried under the ground on the river bank. In that palace kings cow, which was grassing here,it was constantly milking the grass here.

Upon this, the Pandya king saw that there was an idol of lord vishnu there and built a temple. From then on, he do milk abishekam to Swami vishnu daily and worshiped him.

On this , it was still practicing same type of worship with milking the lord perumal every morning. This was also one of the reason swami got the name ‘palpandi’.

Sun parikara satalam

This temple is first of the Navathirupathi (9 Tirupathi) sites it belong to the god sun in navagraha. Here Srivaikuntanathan Perumal (Lord Vishnu) is seen in standing under the umbrella of god Indra.

He has a tandam in his hand. Above the head he has Addisesan. There is a separate Vaikunthavalli thayar (amma) shrine in Prakaram.

On the month of march and april, the sun light falls on feet of lord vishnu (Vaikundanathar’s) in morning because of that, the flagpole in front of the perumal Sannathi facing south. Those who have sun related defects in their birth horoscope can pray here for relief.

Lord Vishnu (Vaikundanathar) as Thief

The thief named Kaladushakan, he is a devotee of lord Vaikunthanathar, what he robbed he will spent half of it to temple service and the rest to poor.

On one day he went to the town of Manappadai to robbe, people who went with him got caught by place security force. The palace security came looking for the kaladushakan. On this time lord Perumal went to the palace in the form of a kaladushakan.

He asks the king standing in front of him, “Manna (king) You accusing and telling me of stealing. Have you know why I robbed it If someone in the country is poor or in hungry, then the ruler of of that country king is responsible. I robbed because I had no money or gold to give to the poor.

So, you cannot blame me, because of it. While the king hearing this, he was mesmerized and understood that a thief could not able to speak like this, and asked who had come please introduce your Then Lord Vishnu appeared his self.

The king came to know the truth and apologized to lord vishnu. For this reason Lord perumal got this name ‘Kallapiran’ because he came in the form of a thief.

All 108 Divya desam swamy in one place

On the month of janwary acharya will wear 108 blankets (Mangalasasana) lord kallapiran (vishnu) . Then, they would come around the flagpole.

After that, acharya take each blanket and dissolve the swamy decoration. It is said that all the vishu swamy temple in the 108 Divyadesam will, appear on this day in the form of Kallapran (vishnu).

Temple Special

This temple is the 81st Divya Desam in the 108 Divya Desams that received the Mangalasasana of Perumal . And this is the first of the Navathirupathi sites to belong to the sun.



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