success life mantra for all zodiac sign

success life mantra for all zodiac sign

success life mantra for all zodiac sign. In this post we are going to see the life mantra for 12 zodiac sign for daily. By doing this daily in your life you can achieve all the wishes and make your financial & business goal easier in your life. Now we can start with the first Aries.


Aries : Then every morning if you light the lamp for Bhuvaneswari Goddess and pray to the Goddess heartily all the things you do will be successful in all in your life.


Taurus zodiac signs : If you worship Lord Ganesha you will get all Profits and Benefits all of your life.


Gemini : All the things you do will give the best result if the Gemini zodiac signs offer flowers and worship. To the image of Lord Vishnu and Mother every day for great success and profit in all things.


Cancer : Whatever you start by worshiping Lord Shiva and Sun Lord daily to get the best benefits of everything you do. And success and profit in everything you do for Kataka zodiac sign, it will bring good success and profit.


Leo : All the Chimmarasikar (leo) should worship Parasakti daily and Kala Bhairav on the day of Bhairava Ashtami to achieve success and special benefits.

success life mantra for Virgo to Pisces


Virgo : Virgo Zodiac Worship Lord Hanuman on Thursdays and Fridays daily to get all the things you are involved in. And to make great profits will give you special benefits.


Libra : Worshiping Lord Shiva every morning and giving fruits to the cow will give you special benefits to get all the best benefits and benefits for Venus Lord Libra zodiac.


Scorpio : You should worship Guru Dakshinamoorthy Bhagavan every morning to get the best results and increase profits.


Sagittarius : Worship saints like Ramanujar Raghavendra every morning after getting up and taking a bath. To get the most benefits and profit from all of the Sagittarius zodiac signs.


Capricorn : Capricorns you get up every morning and worship the sun lord to succeed in whatever you are involved in and to make profits in all things. Everything you want will come true and all the efforts you take will be successful and you will get good profits


Aquarius : Aquarius zodiac sign of Saturn lord should worship Perumala daily to increase success and profits in all the things you start and bring food to the crow.


Pisces : Giving milk for Shiva anointing in Shiva temple will give you benefit so that you can get special benefits in all matters of Guru Bhagavan Pisces zodiac.


success life mantra for drishti

In this article we will see how we can make this eye-catching problems keep out from us by keeping things that can be at home.

After some happy moments in the family, problems can start to appear due to eye contact ( drishti ). The main reason for this is that in the families of those who have severe drishti.

Some of the affected families are more likely to die due to eye drishti. So try this simple remedy without ignoring it. Ingredients A glass tumbler then 3 dried chillies one teaspoon salt one teaspoon mustard.

Take only the seeds that have broken 3 dried chillies in a glass jar and put them in that water. Then add a teaspoon of mustard and a teaspoon of salt and pour a lot of clean water in the glass.

Then place it in an invisible place in the living room where others can often visit your home. Doing so will attract the reaction of the contents of the tumbler to your drishti if it occurs in your home.

If you find that you have severe rishti strain in your mind, you should continue to do this daily. When you wake up the next morning, pour it in a place where no one has set foot and keep it fresh. Then change it to Sunday once a week.

Or you can change it once a month on the day of the new moon and put it in your living room like this. You will not suffer from any eye damage this will pull off the negative energies in the home.

So increase the positive energy may the family always be happy. Problems in the family are not always caused by drishti there will always be happiness in the family.

success life mantra for puja

Whatever your request is, grant it. All you have to do is keep one of these items in your prayer room. We will see how your request will be fulfilled. We get up every morning and finish bathing cleanly.

The first thing we do is worship the Lord. This worship is why we do it so that our family will always be happy and in good physical health and wealth. We pray that not only that but we will have some personal preferences and those wishes will come true.

Thus if we get up every morning and keep this one object in the prayer room. While we worship the god in our prayer room our prayer will be fulfilled. That is the hints in the scriptures. What it means is that we have to put a mirror in the prayer room.

Our ancestors say that this rule was a custom that may have been in practice. Placing mirror in the prayer room will bring us luck and add to it.There are references in the scriptures that are indirect deities.

Who are with us like the ancestral deities are always reflected in the mirror. This is why we keep mirror so always keep water and a mirror in the prayer room. It is said that Pradeep used to come and go in water and mirror. For those who do not know the deity. Put a mirror in your prayer room and put sandalwood and saffron on it.

Thus there are references in the scriptures that all our prayers will be fulfilled. So always keep a small glass of water in your prayer room and keep a small mirror. Never keep broken glass or mirror at home.

Keeping mirror in bedroom

So do not keep the mirror in your bedroom just as it is. Detrimental to us If so, cover it with a curtain at night. Because if there is a mirror in the place where the husband and wife can be.

There will definitely be no understanding between the husband and wife in that house. Disagreements are said to be on the rise So always keep the curtain only on the mirror in the bedroom.

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