Success mantra of lord ganesha

Success mantra of lord ganesha

Success mantra of lord ganesha. If you chant lord Ganesha mantra regularly you can get everything in your life what you are thinking to achieve. In that these sixteen mantras are very special and those who chant these mantra regularly.

They can get and succeeded in every thing at very short time. While chanting these sixteen mantras and worshiping lord Ganesha the way we say.

You will definitely get success and your request for worship wont go waste. The mantras which fulfill the wishes of devotees immediately you want to know please follow this post with us.

It is said that chanting lord Ganesha moola mantra breaking coconut to Ganesha. It will remove all obstacles in our work. For this reason devotees will go to lord Ganesha temple and break a coconut to Ganesha. Before starting their work it will bring success to them the work they have taken.

This is the hope of all devotees that their obstacles will overcome as the scattered coconut in before lord ganesha. In this way we can get all the wishes fulfilled if we chant these powerful 16 mantras to lord Ganesha.

In our home or in temple and serve the ganesha favorite dish as prasad. By doing this we can get all the wishes fulfilled.

Ganesh Mantra

Now we can see the lord ganesha powerful sixteen mantra as follows

Om Sumukaya Nama!

Om Ekadantaya Nama!

Om Kapilaya Nama!

Om Kajakarnakaya Nama!

Om Lambotharaya Nama!

Om Vikataya Nama!

Om Vignarajaya Nama!

Om Vinayakaya Nama!

Om Dhumaketave Nama!

Om Ganatyashaya Nama!

Om Vakratundaya Nama!

Om Surpakarnaya Nama!

Om Herampaya Nama!

Om Skandapurvajaya Nama!

Om Siddhivinayakaya Nama!

Om Sri Mahaganapathaye Nama!

You can chant these powerful lord Ganesha mantra given above and worship lord Ganesha at our home or in the temple with the ganesha favorite pudding, and chenna.

By worshiping like this in a temple gives us more benefit than at home that you can feel. like this gives more benefits than at home.

Those who cannot go to the temple shrine can do this worship at home. By chanting these mantra which gives us more power in us and new inspiration. And to solve any problem we have.

You can chant these sixteen mantras daily for the success in your task. Any of your project begin by following this you wont get failure in that it will go smoothly. Those who regularly chanting this mantra wont get failure in their life.

Worship Method

If you worship in home by keeping ganesha photo you should keep turmeric and kunkum to photo and worship. Or by keeping ganesha idol you should do the milk abeshakam and rose water abeshakem.

And in last with water abeshakam to the ganesha idol. After that you should keep turmeric and kunkum to the idol and with prasad we can do the worship like this.

This worship can be performed by any one there is any specific time to do this puja. You can start this worship in any day.

Those who chanting this mantras regularly they wont get failure in their life. So please remember theses sixteen mantra and chant daily to fell the difference in your life

Success mantra of lord ganesha

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