Suriyanar Kovil Navagraha Temple Kumbakonam

Suriyanar Kovil Navagraha Temple

Suriyanar Kovil Navagraha Temple. This is only famous temple which for Surya dev in South India which is located in Thanjavur district. Near Kumbakonam Suriyanar Kovil in Aduthurai it was built by chola king in 1100 A.D . In Suriyanar Kovil (temple) all Navagraha is standing with out there vahan. Here lord Surya dev blessings devotees with left accompanied by his wife Usha and in right Chayadevi in this temple.

The rishi kalava has become sick to get good health he worshipped all Navagraha. By seeing his bhakti Navagraha blessed him with good health seeing this Brahma got angry. He said Navagraha was there to give the benefits to people according to their paap and puniya. But you have over ruled our power and gave shap to Navagraha that there health get spoiled.

After getting shap from Brahma navgraha came to boomi (earth ) came to the place called vella etuku forest. And prayed to lord Shiva after seeing Navagraha prayer lord Shiva came front of them. And blessed them with a good health and also gave varam who comes to this place and give prayer. Navagraha will solve there problems in this place. Suriyanar Koil is a rare temple in  which lord Surya dev faces in the western direction.

Suriyanar Koil Structure

Suriyanar temple is built like a chariot like a vimana, it representing the sun’s chariot. The holy tank (theertham) here is called as Surya Pushkarni which is in the north side of Raja Gopuram main entrance.

People first  to have the dharshan of lord Prananatheswarar and goddessMangalambigai at Thirumangalakudi village 1 km from Suriyanar temple . Then should first worship the Kol Vinai theertha it is called by this name because it helped the Navagrahas to get rid of their problems shap from Brahma. Thus, Kol Vinai Theertha and Vinayakar (lord ganesha). Next worship lord Nataraja (shiva) in Narthana. And at the main place worship Visalakshi & Kasi Vishvanthan (it is a small lingam on your left hand side as you go to Lord Surya’s Shrine) before worshiping Lord Surya. After worshiping lord Suriyan, worship Guru Bhagavan who is facing the Navagraha Surya.

Suriyanar Kovil Special Functions

Rathasapthami in the Tamil month of Thai  the 10day of  an important festival in the temple. The special pujas are performed on all Sundays to suriyanar. This is known as Maha Abishek.

Offerings of wheat & giving Archana with red lotus to the suryanarayana is specialty of this temple to please the Navagraha God Surya. Devotees who are not able to visit  other Navagraha temples around this Kumbakonam. They can perform the necessary prathna and parihara puja to the respective Navagraha planet in this temple.


Aduthurai Suriyanar Koil Temple Timings

6:00 AM to 12:30 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Suriyanar Koil Temple Address:

Siva Suriyaperuman Temple,


Thirumangalakudi P.O

Thiruvidaimaruthur taluk,

Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu.

Ph : 0435-2472349.

Temple Location


Suryanar temple is located around 15km from Kumbakonam, near Aduthurai. From Aduthurai youneed to go 2km to reach the temple. Suryanar temple has local bus from Kumbakonam and Mayavaram.

The near by Temples are Sukran temple kanjanur at just 3 K.M from here,  Thiruvidaimarudhur  shiva temple.

Buses are available from Mayiladuthurai, Aduthurai, Anaikarai and Thirupananthal. The devotees should get down at the Thirumangalakudi Kaliamman bus stop and has to walk for 10 minutes to reach Suriyanarkoil. Railway stations are Aduthurai, Kumbakonam and Mayiladuthurai




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