stone behind kedarnath temple

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stone behind kedarnath temple Stone behind kedarnath temple. Kedarnath overflowed into the valley and was swept away by an Mandakini river in the area known as Rambara. Many inanimate objects such as human hostels, shops and hotels were swept away in the Mandakini River floods. What is the cause of such damage in the ever … Read more

Rameshwaram Temple God Ramanathaswamy

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Rameshwaram Temple God Ramanathaswamy Rameshwaram Temple God Ramanathaswamy. Kasi in the north has so much fame, glory and splendor Rameswaram, located in the south of Tamil Nadu, is equally famous, proud and special. What makes a temple a powerful place is that the source of the temple was consecrated by whom. The main attraction of … Read more