Devipattinam temple Navapasanam Navagraha

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Devipattinam temple Devipattinam temple Navapasanam Navagraha. Today we are going to see an interesting thing. Can you believe that the  navagraha in the sea. But such a place is in our Tamil Nadu, where it is, you can see this post. The children are said to be beautiful with a family, This is the legacy … Read more

Suriyanar Kovil Navagraha Temple Kumbakonam

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Suriyanar Kovil Navagraha Temple Suriyanar Kovil Navagraha Temple. This is only famous temple which for Surya dev in South India which is located in Thanjavur district. Near Kumbakonam Suriyanar Kovil in Aduthurai it was built by chola king in 1100 A.D . In Suriyanar Kovil (temple) all Navagraha is standing with out there vahan. Here … Read more