padikasu nathar temple kumbakonam

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padikasu nathar temple kumbakonam Padikasu Nathar Temple Kumbakonam. Chornapuriswarar Padikasunathar Goddess Alagammai Savundaranayaki is a place where we can go to get rid of debt and prosper. At the Padikasunathar Sanctuary, take two coins, that is, ten rupees, twenty rupees or 50 rupees. If we give two note to the gurukal he will keep that … Read more

Navagraha Temples in Kumbakonam

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Navagraha Temples in Kumbakonam Navagraha Temples in Kumbakonam .We are going to see about specialties of navagraha temples in kumbakonam. The temples were built by kings of the Chola dynasty near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu. Once upon a time, the sage Kalava was suffering from leprosy. He prayed to the Navagrahas to make him heal … Read more