Hayagriva mantra for success

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Hayagriva mantra for success Lord Hayagreeva is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu, He looks with a human physique and a horse’s head, sensible white in shade, with white clothes, seated on a white lotus flower. Hayagreeva is a vital deity within the Vaishnava custom. His blessings are sought when starting research of each sacred and secular topics. Particular worship is carried out on the day of the complete moon in August (Sravana-Paurnami) and on Mahanavami, the ninth day … Read more

success life mantra for all zodiac sign

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success life mantra for all zodiac sign success life mantra for all zodiac sign. In this post we are going to see the life mantra for 12 zodiac sign for daily. By doing this daily in your life you can achieve all the wishes and make your financial & business goal easier in your life. … Read more

akkaraipatti sai baba temple history

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akkaraipatti sai baba temple history Akkaraipatti sai baba temple history,When we see the shirdi history Sai Baba first came to Shirdi, He sat on a rock which had neem tree at the back. This place were sai sat is called as the Gurusthan by sai devotees and sai baba followers. Still now there has been … Read more