tantra vidya mantra for attract money

tantra vidya mantra for attract money

This is the very simple tantra to get the wealth and get out of your financial problems. This was done by many people and get the changes if you want to know the way. Please read the full post. Now  we’re going to see about a wonderful tantric that can bring over wealth. We need the ingredients for this. Take a copper glass and  one clean five rupee coin.Then we  need clean turmeric  yellow powder. This tantra can be made very simple. It can be done on Friday morning 9.00am to 10.00am. Or can do so on Tuesday and Sunday 6.00pm to 7.00pm. Now we can see how to perform this tantra to get wealth  first and take clean water. And put it in this copper glass should not come Full and take the pure turmeric powder and mix it in the copper glass which is filled with clean water.  Then take  a five rupee coin please read carefully and ask you to pay attention. I will show you how to put this five rupee coin like this by saying this mantra 9 times. Now took the five rupee coin in the hand.Tell this mantra and drop each coin in the copper glass filled with turmeric water when completing the mantra.


“ Om Tham Nama  Om  Tham Nama”    After completing this. Then keep your three fingers in close to the diamond mudra this is to seal only the first three fingers. Now tell this following mantra three times. “Om Sarva dhaname Akarshaye Akarshaye Swaha Om Sarva dhaname Akarshaye Akarshaye Swaha”   Now keep this copper glass in your business places or in your house  in the prayer room. It will bring the big changes in your financial issues. You can change the turmeric water daily, other things let be there. This is the very simplest way to get money. You can try this at your home or in your business place. . You can see how much money you have in your house in a few days. It’s a wonderful, very simple technique. If you like the post and the ways we said please don’t forget to share our post. tantra vidya mantra for attract money

Abhijit Mukurtha

work that is done in this moment can bring victoryThe time when the sun reaches its peak is called Abhijit Mukurtham.Everything that is done in this moment can bring victory.The things we doare just as bright as the sun because the sun is so bright when itpeaks.Abhijit Mukurtha and Gothuli Mukurtha do not give the same effectas Brahma Mukurtha. There is nothing wrong with either.Abhijit Mukurthais a peak time of 11.45 am to 12.15 pm.Abhijit Mukurtham is theMukurtham that can bring success. There are no star, yoga, karana andpanchanga doshas for Abhijit Mukurtha.In this Abhijit Mukurtha,Carryingout marital affairs Buying or registering a new vehicleBuying or makingnew gold, jewelry Carrying out land related bond registrations Meetingwith senior officials on duty Carrying out government related assistanceand work Going to see a health dependent doctor Initiation and planning ofworks related to apartment building Success is achieved by undertakingfuture-oriented tasks that will benefit in the long run.
Whatever action Abhijit does in Mukurtha, it will bring success.
tantra vidya mantra for attract money

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