Thirunallar kovil history saniswaran temple

Thirunallar kovil history saniswaran temple

Thirunallar kovil history saniswaran temple. King of  thida nalan has married princess of Sethi thamayanthi. At the same time devathas also want to marrie a thamayanthi. But thamayanthi loved nalan king and got married to him. So devathas get angry and they went to lord sanisewaran and asked him to punish king nalan and thamayanthi to take revenge. Sani dev wants to show king nala good character to devthas so he caught him for seven and half years. During this time king nala has faced lot of problems he lost his kingdom and he lost wife thamayanthi and children at last he came to thirunnallar darbaneswar temple here he get out of Sani desa and get back all his wealth and family. As a request of king nala here lord shiva protect all the devotees who visit thirunnallar darbaneswar (lord shiva) from the Sani desa problem. 

In this thirunnallar darbaneswar temple there is other special thing is lord nandhi and bali peed won’t be straight to darbaneswar ( shiva ). This is because milk man who gives milk to the temple on the order of king. But the accountant in the temple send all the milk to his house and got the money. The milk man did not able to tell this truth to any one. One day king came to know the truth and order to kill milk man. To save the milk man darbaneswar used his weapon trisul to kill the accountant. To give way to trisul nandhi and bali peed move a side for this reason here lord nandhi and bali peed is not straight to lord Shiva.

Worshipping Saniswaran Temple

First we need take bath in nala theertham (pond) then we should worship lord ganesha in the name of nala Vinayagar and bhirav. Then entering the temple we should visit Ganga theertham then we see lord darbaneswar. After that we should visit  all gods like goddess Durga arthanarieeswar bhirav. Then goddess Parvati ( praneswari ) at last we should see the sanisewaran. But most of the people don’t follow this they straight away visit the sanisewaran first then they come and see lord shiva. It is wrong to do.

saniswaran temple

Saniswaran Temple Theertham

There are important theerthas in thirunallar darbaneswar temple in that famous theerthas are. Nala theertham Brahma theertham Saraswathi theertham. If you take bath in nala thertam you can come out of Sani dosha. And if take bath in Brahma theertham you can clear your purva janma paap and if you take bath in Saraswathi theertham you will get good knowledge. Here you can see Ganga theertham and Annam theertham in nala Vinayagar temple and there was astathic theeras were there. In olden times if there any distruction comes to world nala thertam bramha theertham and vani theertham.  Will become red in colour then people will can came to know they are going to face some problems. And they do Puja and paricar to come out of it.

This Dharbaranyeshwara temple is lord shiva temple but this thirunallar darbaneswar temple is famous for sanisewara. If you have any Sani dosha in your horoscope you can visit this temple and get out of our problems.

Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple Opening Timings

Temple timings are morning 5.00am to 12.00pm and in evening 4.00pm to 09.00 pm.


Every Saturday there will be special dharshan in the temple there is straight bus from Chennai Bangalore to this temple


Sani Bhagavan Temple contact number

+91 4368 – 236530, 236504,





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