thiruparankundram kovil unknown Facts

thiruparankundram kovil

Thiruparankundram kovil .The first of the six shrine of Lord Murugan. Place sang by where Nakkirar Arunagirinathar Pamban Swami Thirunavukkarasar Sundarar Manikkavaskar. There is a lot of information about Thiruparankundram in the Thiruparangiri Purana composed by the Alakiya Desikar.

When Lord Shiva recited the mantra to Mother Parvati, Lord Murugan, who was sitting on the mother’s lap, focused on the mantra and absorbed it. But he considered it a mistake to do so without receiving direct instruction from a guru. Murugan promised that there would be penance until Lord Shiva appeared to him in the position of Guru’s hand forgave his mistake.

His chosen place is Satyagiri, southwest of Madurai this now known as tirupparankunram. Thiruparankundram is a powerful site where Lord Shiva sits on a hill and is blessed. Satyagiri, the main site of Lord Shiva, was later renamed Thiruparankundram rather than Lord Shiva Satyagiri due to his great contribution to the life of Lord Murugan.

Goddess Durga got Brahmagathi Dosha for killing Mahishasura. Durga Ask Lord Shiva to free himself from this Dosha. Lord Shiva asks to worship himself in the Satyagraha to get out of those. Accordingly, Mother Durga consecrated a lingam and worshiped it. As a result of that puja, one day, Lord Shiva gave him a display in the form of Somaskanda Murthy.

Somaskanda Murthy is a unique form of Lord Murugan standing in the middle of Lord Shiva Parvati. The mother who saw Lord Shiva in any form got rid of her Dosha. Onthis day, we can still see the lingam dedicated and worshiped by Goddess Durga in the sanctum sanctorum.

thiruparankundram girivalam

The name Devi Lingam is derived from the fact that this lingam is made with a mixture of the drug Santakaram so this lingam has no anointing. Only sambarani balm is applied. This lingam is worshiped as Parashar Vyasa.

Knowing all the glories of this site, Lord Murugan realized that was the right place to perform penance. Departing from Kayilai and reaching Italam, Lord Shiva appeared to Lord Murugan with Mother Parvati on a Thaipusam day while he was meditating there for some time.

In the 12th month of the Tamil month, the 12th star of the Panguni stars, Uthram, the combination of the two Joining Thirunal Panguni Uttaram Uttara Nakshatra will be followed by auspicious performances in our culture. It that many divine marriages also took place in the Panguni Uttara. When Murugan married Deivana, it was on the day of Panguni Uttara that their marriage took place in Thiruparankundram.

Due to this, Panguni Uttar was considered a special day and was celebrated in every temple where Lord Murugan resides. Usually, the temples have prakaras and attendant deities around the Swami, but the temple does not have prakaras as it is the Thiruparankundram Cave Temple, and Shiva is seated there in the form of a mountain.

Only the girivalam can go around the mountain, and there is no separate vimana to the sanctuary. In the Shiva temples, Ganesha is said to be the deity of Lord Murugan Durga Perumal, but in Thiruparankundram, the deities of Lord Shiva with the title of Satyagriswarar as Lord Shiva Pavalakkanivai Perumal as Subramanian Durga Goddess are bestowed according to the Moolasthan.

thiruparankundram kovil unknown Facts

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