Thiruparankundram murugan temple

thiruparankundram murugan temple

Hhiruparankundram murugan temple  histrory we can see from this post.Devthas prayed to lord Shiva to protect them from Surapadman evil king. Lord Shiva made six traps out of his third eye in forehead.

From that Lord Murugan appeared with six faces. Lord Murugan was born to kill evil king Surapadman and fought with Surapadman and turned him into a peacock and a cock. This event took place at thiruchendur in tamilnadu.

Indra marriaged his daughter deivanai to Lord Murugan, behalf of killing evil king Surapadman. This marriage took place at thiruparankundram in Madurai. All the gods, goddesses, Maharishis came for the lord Murugan wedding. Here lord Murugan got the name as Subramaniaswamy.

Thiruparankundram Murugan Temple Special

It is the first houses of Lord Murugan in his six house’s ( arupadai vedu). This is the only place doing abishekam for lord Murugan vel. Here the God and goddess Satyagriswarar (Shiva), Pavalakkanivai Perumal, Karbhagavinayagar, Subramaniyar and Durgaiyamman also bless in the same cave near the Moolasthan.

In this temple lord Murugan give dharshan in marriage couple. As this is the first house in the six houses. Murugan, gives dharshan in standing on the other five house’s, and give dharshan in sitting in this place.

Near to him Naradhar, Indra, Brahma, Saraswati and Savitri, who have no veena in her hand standing and the Sun, Moon and Gandharvas above.

Thiruparankundram Mountain

Once Nakkirar, a devotee of Lord Shiva, do yoga at Thiruparankundram to remove the sin (paap) of arguing against Lord Shiva.

There he was surprised to see that one leaf was look like half fish and the rest half a bird in a nearby pond.

Thus his yoga was dissolved. At that time, there was a goblin who had imprisoned 999 people who failed to worship Shiva.

Nakkira’s yoga was dissolved and he was caught by goblin and arrested in the cave. Nakkeerar sang Thirumurukaaruppadi song worshing lord Murugan to save those trapped by the giant goblin.

Lord Murugan

Lord Murugan, who appeared before him, and killed the giant goblin, and smashed the cave with his sword and guarded everyone.

Then Nakkeerar asked lord Murugan that he should take bath in the Ganga to get rid of the sin because he was touched by a goblin. Murugan touch the rock with his Vel on a rock and flooded with river Ganga.

The nakkeeran bathed in that water and his sin was removed. This Kasi Theertham is located on the top of Thiruparankundram hill.

Nearby that Kasi viswanathar, Visalachchi temple are located and the Subramanian temple was facing west.

The rock adjoining the pond has four lingams, a Shiva form, and sculptures of Kasiviswanathar, Subramanian(Murugan), Ambika(parvati), Bairavar and Karbhagavinayagar (lord ganesha).


Evil monster named Mahishasuran was constantly giving trouble to the devthas. To destroy him, Ambal goddess (parvati) took the form of a durga and fought with Mahishasura for nine days. On the ninth day she killed him.

Thus she had got Brahmahadhi Dosham . To clear dosham goddess worshiped Shiva.

Lord Shiva appeared to her and said that he was in the form of a mountain in tiruparamkundram and worshiping him there would remove her dosha.

Accordingly, goddess Durga came here and did yoga and worshiped Shiva who is in a linga shaped mountain.

She also built a lingam on the mountain and worshiped it. Shiva, who appeared to her showed her got rid of dosha.

Thiruparankundram Murugan Temple Timings


Morning Open from 5.30am to 12.00pm and Evening 4pm to 9pm.






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