Tips to solve problems in home


Listed here are some easy options to among the issues that can come in  our daily life we face. Kanchi Maha Periyava mentioned these easy ideas with this we will clear up the issues. By your self in our house with the material used in our kitchen now we’re  going to see about it.

That may not come out and cause extra issues for us. What are the easy remedies earlier than taking these cures.

Our life will be a resource for future progress In a compelling context. Where some simple remedies like this have to be done with out knowing the solution. We are started to going in a wrong way in our life. We can not come out of that It will still cause us more problems.

Remedy For Health Issues

What are the simple remedies that precede these remedies?.
Someone has a health problem at home Will have come. So that was the kind of orientation we don’t know about it. For this Donating yellow pumpkin to temples or spiritual centers during the day. we can get out out of this health issues for our family members. This result we can see with in three days.

Money Saving Remedy

we can see in some peoples house money will be spent for no reason. They could not able to save the money for them or there children for future. To get out of this issue you can give food to birds in the morning. Let it be sweets or biscuits or other type of food which birds take their food.

Tension Relieving Solution

Some times we will be having Depression for long time it may be their for that whole day. During that time while you are going to bed keep glass of water near to the pillow where you keep your head. Keep this glass of water for full night and in the morning pour this water out side of the house. Water has the power to absorb the negative energy by ding this remedy you can get out of depression.

A sense of dread would have come to us for no reason. If you feel like this for some time you can wear the Stainless steel ring in you hand. It will reduce and remove the fear in you.

Are you are going out in a car if you think you will met with an accident you have a feeling in your mind like this.Take the paper flower with you this will make you confident and bring energy in you

Some times little baby in our house will cry in the night time for no reason. During that time keep a glass filled with salt water in that room in the corner by doing this baby will stop crying and have a good sleep.

while keeping Henna plant in the entrance of the house. You can stop negative energy entering in to the house or you can also keep some Cluster of henna. On the entrance of the house.

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